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What are Different Types of ED Meds?

ED Meds

Erectile Dysfunction is treated by a lot of medications whether orally taken or injected. In some cases, you will be required to take a radical, and aggressive medical approach. However, most of the problems will be assessed by the medications. These medications ensure that the penis will receive adequate blood flow, and erection chambers can sustain an erection important for sexual intercourse. They can also reverse the problem, however, that will depend on your underlying causes. So, the treatment plan will depend on the severity of the problem, and the medical approach is taken to assess that.


There are four kinds of medications that you can take to enhance the blood flow to the sexual organ, and revere erectile dysfunction. These are; Sildenafil, Vardenafil, tadalafil, and Avanafil. In addition to that, it’s equally important to mention that you will need to be sexually active for the erection to happen.

Oral Medications:

ED Meds

These medications are the easiest and convenient for the problem. You will have to either take them daily or before sex. In addition to that, the effects, and time frame of the ed meds will vary from one to the other. So, in this case, your doctor will be able to prescribe better.


This is a well-known medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. You have to take the medication one hour before you plan to have sex. It will take some time to get absorbed in the bloodstream, and the effects will last up to four hours. In addition to that, take the medication on an empty stomach.

ED Meds


You can take this medication with food or without. However, make sure to take the medication with water before one hour of sex. The effects will last up to four to five hours. You can have the pill that dissolves as soon as you put it on the tongue. The effects can kick in faster as well.

ED Meds


You can take an adequate dose of the medication after consulting with your doctor. You must allow a window of one to two hours for the effects to kick in, and they will remain for 36 hours. However, you will need to be sexually active to have an erection.


The effects of this medication will remain up to six hours, and you must take it 30 minutes before sex. It’s effective in regulating the blood flow, assessing the problem, and in many cases, reversing the problem. However, you will need to have the dosage of the medication ascertained by your doctor.

ED Meds

When to avoid:

You will have to reveal your medical history as well as any medications that you might be taking. This is to ensure that the medication will not react, and it’s safe for you. In addition to that, if you are taking nitrate drugs that are used in chest pain, have low blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, you will need to avoid the medicine.


Erectile Dysfunction medications like tadalafil and sildenafil are recommended by the experts of the medical field. They have a strong success rate and help in maintaining the blood flow.


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