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Learn about Crohn’s Disease Diet and Crohns Disease Treatment.

On this website you will be able to find out how to tremendously improve your life with Crohn's or other digestive diseases.

Do you have right Crohn's disease diet plan?

Do you know what causes Crohn's Disease and risk factors of Crohn's disease?

Are you confused by all the different information available about Crohn's disease or other digestive diseases like IBS, ulcerative colitis, Celiac disease or Acid reflux disease?

Still have many unanswered questions?

Were you tempted to buy into those internet offers that promised you a Crohns cure?

I was... Who wouldn't be?

The fact is that over 80 percent of Americans have had some form of digestive disorder? But, why?

I am researching it all for you and me. You will be able to understand many unclear statements and will have the answers for your "burning" questions on this website.

With your stressful lifestyle and questionable eating habits it's no wonder that your digestive system is practically screaming for HELP!

I am a pharmacist and at the age of 29, I was diagnosed with this Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Like myself, most patients get diagnosed with Crohn's disease between the ages of 19 to 30.

When I got my diagnosis the first thing that came to my mind was a lecture in pharmacy school on the topic of my condition. One of the things that struck me was that this disorder may cause premature death in many patients. That was the 90's.

This might not be the case today due to more advanced medications. But the fact that this disease could be debilitating is unquestionable.

The prospect of a life with constant pain and embarrassment of running to the bathroom every minute was unacceptable to me!!!

I was looking for more answers, different methods, best possible Crohns disease treatment.

I've spent many years since being diagnosed looking for alternative medications as well as clinical studies and medical research worldwide.

I went to see Jonh of God in Brazil for spiritual healing. I even took all of my mercury fillings out. I REALLY wanted to get better.

I really wanted to know what causes Crohns disease. And there was no answer that would satisfy me.

It was my passion to learn exactly what could REALLY HELP.

I was ready to try almost anything.

After many trials and errors, I strongly believe in Functional Medicine and that is why I became a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I also believe in alternative therapy, like acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic options. I think it's a great idea to change your diet, eat natural and organic food, try to drink and cook with filtered water, take appropriate natural supplement for you. It's just too simple to figure out what natural supplements and vitamins your body needs with my home test kits not to use it.

It's great to do Yoga, meditaion and different breathing excercises for Crohns disease. There are many wonderful non-pharmacological options available for this inflammatory bowel disease. Funny...coming from a pharmacist.

Yes, seeing your doctor regularly is important. Functional medicine can work with traditional Crohn's disease treatment plans.

I think Crohns disease treatment options should absolutely be a combination of traditional as well as non-traditional medicine.

My knowledge of Crohns Disease Medications, Functional Medicine and the experience of being a Crohn's disease patient allow me to make an educated judgment on different treatment protocols with better personal understanding.

I'm here to help. You are also here to help. Every time you ask a question that I answer; thousands of readers benefit from that information.

I would like to share the things which worked for me and it's my goal to help YOU understand Crohns disease better.

It's my pleasure to introduce you to other options for Crohn's disease.

Get on the road to healthy, new you, living with Crohns. We have this disease, but Crohns doesn't have us.

My mission is to use my journey with Crohns disease to help repair your digestive system for a healthier YOU!!!!

Functional Medicine - This Can Be Your Crohns Disease Relief.
Everything you need to know to get better. This is your key to get your health back. Functional medicine is the wellness method for Crohn's disease patients as well as for ulcerative colitis, Celiac, IBS, acid reflux disease patients and others with digestive, hormonal and immune health problems.

Yes, You Can Get Well With This Method.

Break Free From Crohns Disease And Finally Get Better!

After much demand, I am thrilled to finally be able to offer my consultations.

Wellness Phone Consultations Available. Just go to Contact Us page and leave your information and describe the problem.

Get Your Digestive, Immune And Hormonal Health Back Without Leaving Your Home OR Your Office.

Ask Your Questions Here Free
You can ask me about Crohn's disease or any health realted question. Or you can address your question to our readers.

I Wish You Great Health,

Inna Lukyanovsky, RPh, CGP

Registered Pharmacist

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Please, watch this brilliant video that explains why I am so passionate about Functional medicine.


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