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Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements

All natural herbal supplements were available for ages and even before medications came about. Many of these dietary supplements are pretty effective and have a safer side effect profile as compared to prescription medications.

Then why don’t we use natural supplements more?

You probably know the answer to that.

Traditional medications will work faster most of the time. Conventional pain medications, for example, are very effective and no one will argue that. But some of them cause severe constipation, gastro intestinal side effects, stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeds.

When you are in severe pain you will take a strong pain medication because you need to, regardless of the potential side effects.

I understand that very well and I empathize with anyone that is suffering with pain.

Before you reach for the pill box, give it another thought and really consider if there is anything else you can do to alleviate the pain, aside from the drugs, maybe not in the moment of excruciating pain, but possibly when you’re feeling a bit better.

Natural supplements or medications or both? What do you choose?

I know there is no magic bullet for Crohn’s disease and I realize that the natural supplements that I discuss may not be your panacea, but they are sure worth the try, especially if you are a Crohn’s patient on many traditional medications without complete relief.

You really have to consider changing your diet, quit smoking if you smoke, do some kind of light exercise regularly (Yoga is great, breathing exercise, meditation, etc.), work on stress reduction in your life, consider going to acupuncture therapy and, very importantly, consider taking natural supplements (many of them are safe to take with your current medications, but speak to your doctor first).

Natural supplements have been proven to be very beneficial in improving overall well being. So why don’t we use them more?

There are so many products on the market that are labeled natural products or natural vitamin supplements.

Yes, not all of them may give you the immediate results you’re looking for and you may feel a bit disappointed, or maybe even discouraged, but from my experience as a Crohn’s patient, a lot of the natural supplements work and some of them work very well.

Some natural herbal supplements may reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain.

Some natural therapies will help with most gastro intestinal disorders. The benefit of these natural products is their less to non-existent side effect or adverse reaction profiles.

Unfortunately, not too many studies have been done on natural supplements and the result is a lack of information on their interactions with other supplements and conventional medications.

It’s only in recent years that natural supplements are getting more and more recognized by the public and, in a lesser degree, by conventionally trained doctors.

I am a conventionally trained pharmacist who is a great believer in natural supplements and alternative therapies.

I know about medications because I am a pharmacist and I also know my Crohn’s medications more personally because I am a Crohn’s patient. Crohn’s medications are very effective, especially in emergency cases.

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