What Is Gluten?

What is Gluten?
That's the Question.

What is Gluten? Let's answer this "not so simple" question.

Gluten is a protein that is found in the seeds of certain plants. That would be in the seeds of wheat, rye, kamut, spelt, barley and probabaly oat as well as foods made from them.

Gluten is what gives that sticky elasticity to gluten containing products.

Gluten is what gives kneaded dough its “spongy feel”. Gluten allows leavening and contributes to the chewiness of baked products. 

What is gluten?

Gluten is a composite of the proteins glutenin and gliadin. Gluten protein is what makes bagels so chewy and dough so smooth.

Many of you know or noticed that diobesity(diabetes and obesity epidemic) in the modern world is becoming a huge issue. With the consumptions of highly refined grains, most of all wheat, these issues have increased tremendously in the past century. 

What is gluten?

Do we really need gluten?

We can certainly live without it. We can thrive without actually.

So why do we want it? Why many people report craving starchy carbohydrates like breads, pasta and bagels?

If you ask a traditional medical doctor you probably not going to get an answer.

But if you ask any Functional medicine practitioner like me you would be getting an explanation:

For many of us, modern diet has come to consist largely of highly processed and packaged convenience foods often made with genetically modified grains and laced with chemical additives and preservatives.

Diobesity or the worldwide weight gain and diabetes onset brought us to this scary point. There are so many new chronic conditions and their numbers abnormally increase. Why?..

Let’s raise the awareness of healthier eating. Little by little it can be done.

We can all eat healthier. 

What is gluten?

People are getting more health conscious and more educated on what they put in their mouths.

The wisdom of natural healing is based on natural, healthy diet. And natural, healthy eating is based on fresh foods with minimal or no processed grains. What is gluten? I think a better question would be:

“Why do we even need gluten?”

We really don’t need it. But we carve it. BECAUSE we are addicted to it.

Many of us have something that is called:“Carbohydrate Addiction” and like with any other addiction it is difficult to deal with. But thankfully not impossible to get rid of.

The popularity of gluten free diet over the past five years is probably an indication that people are discovering that following a gluten free diet that is based on unprocessed fresh foods, unprocessed gluten free grains and chemically free foods may not only be beneficial for those with gastrointestinal problems but also for people that JUST want to improve their health

Gluten Free Grains:

  • Buckwheat is a very healthy, highly recommended gluten free grain
  • Quinoa is a very ancient healthy gluten free grain
  • Amaranth is a gluten free grain that is now used often to make gluten free cookies and gluten free snacks
  • Brown rice is a very healthy, gluten free grain and very easy to prepare
  • Millet is another gluten free grain that can be very satisfying with steamed veggies or salad
  • Corn is considered a gluten free grain and lots of gluten free products are made from corn. Please be choosy and select non GMO corn, preferably organic. Also, note corn has a high glycemic index and may not be suitable for diabetics.
  • Wild rice is such a great gluten free grain. It has the taste and the texture. It mixes well with salads or grilled vegetables.
  • Arrowroot is a gluten free grain that is more common now in baked gluten free goods
  • Tapioca is a gluten free grain that is commonly added to gluten free cakes, gluten free pastries and gluten free muffins.
  • Bean flour is used in many gluten free pancake mixes. Many gluten free chefs cook their creamy sauces with bean flour.

What is gluten to you if you have Celiac disease or true gluten intolerance? It's your worst enemy!! Be good to yourself and stick to gluten free diet!!!

Glutino is one of my favorite gluten free brands for gluten free pretzels and gluten free breakfast bars.

All these gluten free grains are great in moderate amounts. And notice I didn’t recommend adding meats or nuts mixed in with theses grains. Go with salads, vegetables or berries with any grains. 

Also, notice that I didn’t mention soy as a gluten free grain. That is only because I don’t recommend soy to my clients for many reasons. Most of the soy supplies you will find would come from GMO (genetically modified) source, so I stay away from it.

I hope your question: “What is Gluten?” was answered here.

I wish you great health!!! 

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