What Is Crohns Disease?

What is Crohns disease. How to improve your life with Crohns. Tips for IBD patients.

I first learned what is Crohns in pharmacy school. It sounded so scary to me with all the symptoms and the prognosis. That was a few years before I got diagnosed with it myself.

What is Crohns? Crohns disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the digestive system, the intestines in particular. Chronic disease means a lasting disease.

Where is Crohns disease? This disease can affect the digestive system anywhere from top to bottom (mouth to anus). Other names used for Crohns disease are granulomatous enteritis, ileitis or colitis

What is Crohns disease? This condition has two cycles. One is called exacerbation (flare up) which is the active stage of Crohns. And the second cycle is called remission.

Crohns disease affects about half a million people in North America. This condition occurs in people of all age groups. Crohns disease is not contagious.

What is Crohns disease? Crohns disease is considered an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease (ex: arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis, etc) is a condition when the immune system attacks itself, being “over-reactive” making our lives miserable.

Whats is Crohns? Crohns disease is often misspelled as Crones disease, Cromes disease, Chrones disease and sometimes Krohns disease. No matter how this disease is spelled it makes our lives as patients and the lives of our loved ones a real challenge.

Even though this autoimmune disease can affect any part of the digestive system, it most often affects the lower part of the small intestine, called the ileum.

The intestines are affected by inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling. This swelling can cause pain (oh, what pain that is!) and can make the bowels empty very often. The result is that most patients run to the bathroom…with acute diarrhea. Sounds familiar?

Some could have the opposite result from the thickening of the intestinal walls…constipation. Constipation usually occurs during the remission stage.

There are other symptoms of Crohns disease(many people spell it incorrectly as Crones disease and Chrones disease). These symptoms are abdominal pain, weight loss, rectal bleeding, cramping, fevers, etc.

The name for this autoimmune disease came to be in the 1930's after an American gastroenterologist Dr.Crohn explained to the medical world what is Crohns disease.

What is Crohns disease and it's causes? The cause of Crohns disease is still unknown. There are many connections to this autoimmune disease that are being researched as possible causes.

So, what is Crohns disease? Are we absolutely sure on what it Crohns? You and I really need to know!

We know that there’s no known cause and no known cure. Yes, there are medical studies, clinical trials and extensive research. But how do we explain a disease or condition? Can we really define a disease without a known cause? I guess, in medical practice we can…

A lot of studies are done, a ton of paperwork is filed on patients with same or extremely similar clinical presentations, same or very similar symptoms…and it begins to sound like the same condition… Study these cases, evaluate similarities, give this condition your name like Dr.Crohn and start working on the treatment plan. Wonderful!!!!

So, What Is Crohns?

Now, over 70 years later, there are plenty of treatment options on the market. Practically nobody dies from this autoimmune disease anymore if you regularly get medical checks! Great!!!

But wouldn’t you like to hope that Crohns disease becomes a thing of the past? Wouldn't you just like to get a Crohns cure? I am sure you would!

With Functional Medicine you have the option to reverse your Crohns symptoms and finally get better. I am a registered pharmacist and Functional Medicine Practitioner and you can contact me for an appointment on this contact form.

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Tips for improving your life with Crohns disease:

So for now, we can become more involved in improving our quality of life. It's simple to look up what is Crohns disease but not as simple to manage it.

  • Let's start to detoxify and cleanse your system with natural supplements.

  • Maybe try seeing an acupuncturist or chiropractor.

  • Replenish your starving cells with vitamins that your intestine could not absorb from food.

  • Let's do some excercise and meditation.

  • Consider adding a probiotic to your regimen to balance out the flora in the gut.

  • And please, really re-think your diet.

  • Since this disease can affect the digestive system starting from the mouth, we should take care of it. Oral health is extremely important in general but even more for us. Regular check ups can prevent strep infections that Crohns patient may be more susceptible to. Try to use warm glass of water with a teaspoonful of sea salt to swish in your mouth before bedtime. This may reduce bacterial growth.

I am a pharmacist but as you noticed not a pill pusher. I advocate a holistic approach in combination with traditional medicine.

What Is Crohns Disease?

It is hard to comprehend what is Crohns disease when there’s no known documented cause and no known documented cure.

The testing options for diagnosing Crohn’s disease are getting fancier. So it’s easier for your doctor to get a lab work based diagnosis.
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What Is Crohns Disease?

The treatment options are still traditional medications, but if you are interested you can consider learning about more natural methods to heal your Crohn’s disease. It really works!
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