Gluten-Free Diet.
What You Need To Know.

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Gluten-Free Diet.
What You Need To Know.

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Gluten-Free Diet. As you know staying on a gluten free diet is not so easy. I‘ve got many, many clients off gluten successfully and for some the process wasn't simple. There are many challenges and so many temptations.

What is a gluten free diet?

If you are just starting a gluten-free diet, you would need to learn that these are your basic grains that are allowed in the gluten wheat free diet:

  • Amaranth
  • Arrowroot
  • Corn
  • Buckwheat
  • Bean Flours
  • Millet and Millet flour
  • Nut Flours like Almond Meal
  • Potato
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice and Brown Rice Flour
  • Wild Rice
  • Soy, I don’t usually recommend it, but if you must use it make sure it's non GMO soy or non GMO soy flour
  • Sorghum
  • Tapioca
  • Tef

Are you questioning if the product is naturally Gluten Free?

Some food products can be so easy to figure out. If the ingredients only include a couple of names and all of them are clearly gluten free, you would most likely be getting a gluten free product, even if it doesn’t have “gluten free” labeling.

But if you have a gluten allergy, you can’t just take a chance. You have to make sure you buy a 100% Gluten Free product.

On the other hand, if you follow a gluten-free diet for other reasons, then you need to check the food sources.

Always Read The Labels And Don’t Be Afraid To Call The Companies!

Food Sources That Need To Be Confirmed:

  • Brown Rice Syrup(should be gluten free product, but often from barley which isn't gluten free)
  • Caramel Color(sometimes can be from barley)
  • Dextrin(mostly from corn but can be from wheat)
  • Flavorings
  • Starch(could be wheat if the source is not specified- like corn starch)
  • Soy Sauce(often contains wheat)
  • Seasonings(wheat flour is often used as a carrier for the spices)
  • Flour Or Cereal Products
  • Hydrolyzed plant or Vegetable Protein(HVP/HPP)
  • Mono- or Di-Glycerides(only in dry products)
  • Modified food starch(from unspecified or not allowed sources)
  • Malt, Malt Flavoring or Malt Vinegar(Okay if made from corn but usually from barley)
  • Matzo meal(may include wheat with corn)

No More Gluten Problems. Great Tips For A Gluten Free Life.

When I shop for my gluten free products I tend to look for certified organic products for many reasons. For one, they are cleaner products.

I’ve seen some non-organic 100% certified gluten wheat free diet products that had genetically modified grains. So I am going to say again and again: Just because it’s labeled Gluten Free it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. But don’t worry, we’ll review many products here and all your questions are always welcomed.

5 Great Tips For A Successful Gluten-Free Diet :

Remember, staying on gluten-free diet should be a healthy choice. Just because there are many gluten free products available doesn’t mean you have to jump and eat all those starchy carbohydrates. Keep it healthy with a low glycemic index!

  1. When you just get on diet gluten free, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. So your best bet would be to make sure that you eat enough protein with each meal to keep you satisfied without feeling hungry.
  2. Cook most grains for about 15-20 minutes, not more. That would protect and keep all the nutrients. Overcooking lets many nutrients get out.
  3. Use healthy cooking oils like extra virgin organic coconut oil or walnut oil to prepare your meals.
  4. Use unrefined, organic oils like sesame or olive oils in your salads.
  5. Alkaline your body with organic greens.

A Gluten-free diet can improve the symptoms of, not just, Celiac disease, but also Crohn’s disease, arthritis, IBS, Acid reflux, gastritis, ulcer and other chronic health problems.

It can help you no matter what your chronic condition is. But remember, staying gluten free will not always show benefits right away. You need to stick with this diet for a while. If you are extremely gluten intolerant or allergic to gluten you may see the improvements faster.

I wish you GREAT HEALTH!!

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