Vitamin D Supplements.
Do You Need Them?

Great Vitamin D Supplements. You Need To Know All Vitamin D Facts And Vitamin D Absorption Reality.

Who should know better about vitamin D products than me, an experienced pharmacist, right?

When it came to choosing a right vitamin D supplement for me, I had to re-think medications and lean towards other options for best possible vitamin D absorption.

Vitamin D deficiency was declared an epidemic of this decade. Is vitamin d deficiency that dangerous? Well, it may be if you are really, truly vitamin D deficient.

What are your vitamin D facts?

Vitamin D facts are: vitamin D research is showing that it’s essential for our system to get adequate levels of vitamin D. Even Crohn’s disease research shows benefits of vitamin D 3 supplementation.

But in the real world how many of these patients will actually get the prescription for vitamin D 3? Not many. Prescriptions filled in the pharmacy will be filled for vitamin D2.

Is there a difference? Absolutely.

Ergocalciferol is vitamin D 2 but Vitamin D 3 is called cholecalciferol. Your body would have a better absorption of vitamin D from D 3. Vitamin D 2 is a synthetically made vitamin and it’s more difficult for the body to absorb it. But vitamin D 2 is the one you will most likely get by prescription.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with inflammation in the intestinal tissue. Therefore vitamin D deficiency can directly contribute to Crohn’s disease and many, many other illnesses. Some of the health experts say that optimal levels of vitamin D work as an analgesic (pain reliever).

Do you automatically take vitamin D if you have Crohn’s disease or other diseases?

“It’s so popular and everyone is talking about vitamin D, I think I want to take it too.” “Vitamin D is all of a sudden a “cure for all”. What do I do?”

First of all you need to take levels and check if you are in fact vitamin D deficient. The chances are you most likely are. But you need to check it first.

Why can’t you just get vitamin D and not get tested? Because you can overdose yourself on vitamin D and that’s simply very dangerous. Generally, overdosing vitamin D would be taking more that 10,000 international units daily. It may be less for some patients. But it’s also very dangerous to have very low vitamin D levels. So, get tested.

There are many vitamin D deficiency causes like genetic predisposition, your diet and where you live. Vitamin D in winter is usually lower in many people.

Now if you found out that you in fact need that vitamin D level, which one do you get? I am a pharmacist and also certified in geriatric practice and the recent studies in geriatric population suggest that vitamin D 2 supplementation is at least 30% less effective than vitamin D 3 supplements. And that’s true for all population.

Consider very strongly to invest into a great quality vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D Supplements

5 Things To Know:

  • Look for reputable company that makes your vitamin D.
  • Look for vitamin D 3 instead of vitamin D 2 for best possible absorption.
  • Look for other ingredients. No artificial additives, no preservative should be there.
  • Look for vitamin D spray for kids instead of Cod liver oil.
  • Check your levels first.

Blood vitamin d levels are called 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels or 25(OH)D levels. Normal levels are considered from 20 ng/ml to 55 ng/ml. But now the research suggests that those levels are way too low. Optimal levels of vitamin D should be over 40 ng/ml for optimal health.

Which ones are the best vitamin D supplements?

Direct sunshine exposure. Yes, at least 15 minutes outside with most of your skin exposed to the sunlight is the best prescription you can get. And it is FREE.

What happens if all year long sunlight exposure is not available where you live?

There’s such a thing as safe vitamin D lamps, very similar to safe tanning beds. I have one at home and use it in the winter months. It even enhances your mood during grey winter season. If you are interested in getting these, contact me.

Be very choosy when it comes to great vitamin D supplement. It is very important to select a great brand product like this one.

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If that’s not suitable for your pocket at this time, consider very strongly getting sublingual vitamin D emulsion. This would have much better absorption than oral vitamin D supplements. Also, make sure the source of your sublingual vitamin D spray is purified and without preservatives. And you can even give this kind of vitamin D supplement to kids.

Vitamin D Emulsion Information Here.

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Be careful with older versions of vitamin D supplements like Cod liver oil. Many of these contain dangerously high levels of Mercury. There are also issues with vitamin A to vitamin D ratio imbalance in Cod liver oil in kids and adults. Overdosing your kids on vitamin A is the last thing you want to do for them.

Vitamin D absorption is essential to get the benefits from vitamin D supplements. So make sure to test after taking your vitamin D for one to two months. And then get tested again in about six months to prevent overdosing on vitamin D.

I wish you to have great health and optimal vitamin D levels.

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