View A Colonoscopy.

View a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy video procedure. Best short videos of colonoscopy performed.

View a colonoscopy and prepare your list of questions for the doctor.

There ware no videos available to watch when I had my first colonoscopy. I did not know what to expect. Now you can watch colonoscopy video procedure online.

There were no flexible colonoscopes then that could have spared my inflamed colon some serious, lasting pain. There were no pill-cameras to swallow as colonoscopy alternative.

That was when I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Then, I listened to my doctors and followed every suggestion that they had for me. Now, I know better. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely need to listen to your doctor. I listen to them but with caution. Now I also learn, read, investigate, study and ASK questions. I am doing much BETTER. And please have the doctor listen to you, too. This way the healing process will be improved. Many patients feel uncomfortable when their doctor is very impersonal. Be choosy and selective when picking your gastroenterologist.

Colonoscopy performed to investigate rectal bleeding, bowel obstruction or unexplained, abnormal abdominal pain, etc.

I am not discussing mixed studies about effects of screened with colonoscopies patients vs. non-screened on this page. I have my own opinion about whether the colonoscopy needs to be done. But I continue reading the studies and researching how reasonable they are.

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This is a video of a normal colonoscopy procedure. More or less normal but with an early sign of diverticulosis. I hope that you all have an A+ colonoscopy results. No polyps, no inflammation, no sores, no bowel obstructions, no fistulaes. Almost perfect.

Watch this colonoscopy video and learn that now the colonoscopes (colonoscopy tubes) are available with variable stiffness function. Check with your doctor and discuss this issue with him/her. This could possibly save you some post-procedural pain. Some patients have bowel obstructions or other blockages and the colonoscopy procedure needs to be stopped and postponed. That could be very disappointing after all the preparations. The newer types of colonoscopes may help prevent that.

This a quick view of the colon and terminal ileum which is often affected in Crohns disease patients. This particular colonoscopy is performed to get ileum biopsy.

This is a short colonoscopy video of a polyp being removed during colonoscopy

View a colonoscopy. This virtual colonoscopy video gives you information about a new study. This study suggest that virtual colonoscopy may be acceptable cancer screening alternative for some patients.

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I hope you all have a safe procedure and great results.

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