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Jan 31, 2011
Reply to using cocaine and Crohn's disease.
by: Inna

It so hard has to deal with a child that has Crohn's disease let alone that child using drugs like cocaine.

Crohn's by itself is a very complicated disease. Many different issues can trigger Crohn's flare ups.

Theoretically, using cocaine can over-excite your system and that in turn can cause any chronic problems to flare up.

Also, using cocaine can change appetite. Dietary stress can overtime cause adrenal fatigue.

You need to explain to your son that any addiction is a problem.

When your body is strongly addicted to cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, carbohydrates, sugars, food or even bread it can not function properly. Any addiction needs serious help.

Explain to your son that he doesn't want to be a slave to any addiction. He wouldn't want a person to treat him as a slave? Right? His addiction is like that controlling person standing over him.

I would absolutely be able to help him with Crohns but with cocaine you would need to seek a really skilled and trained professional.

If you need help with Crohn's, just use "Contact Us" page and explain the reason for contact. And we'll set up an appointment for him.

Bottom line... don't use cocaine with Crohn's disease. Don't use cocaine at all.

Best, Inna

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