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Jun 18, 2011
What else helps...
by: Anonymous

Probiotics restore intestinal flora. I have Crohns and it's the only thing I take. Swear by it.

Jun 21, 2011
Reply to Unhappy Digestive System and Crohn's
by: Inna

Hello and thank you so much for this entry.

You are really, really brave to share with us.

And you deserve to be really, really healthy and vibrant.

There are so many women and men that struggle with this problem and don?t know what to do. So many of them are totally attached to the toilet..

With your described situation we don't know the underlying problem of your chronic diarrhea until more research is done.

It's not easy to get your health back but certainly possible.

Call my office to make an appointment for a Functional medicine consultation.


I will send you amazing home testing kits and we will try to find out the root of your problem. It could be one thing or it could be a combination of things like a parasitic infection, adrenal stress environmental stress and/or much more.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart to get better soon.

Best, Inna

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