by Peter

I have in my opinion undiagnosed IBD for over two years; I have had a few scans and d several colonoscopies but nothing definite.

I have abdominal pain all the time, sore ankles and knees, constant diarrhea, gas. I don’t sleep more than four hours at a time, right side pain from naval to appendix area and pain in my chest. Really fed up with doctors. Stools are like pencils and vary from glue like to bloody mess.

I’ve been on Asacol 800mg tree a day now for four months and it does help to control the symptoms to some degree.

Am I in danger of getting worse as my doctor is unconcerned?

My father has had a resection done and had no diagnosis. Sysmial symptoms until he had fistula between bowel and bladder.

Why am I on medication for this condition but with no diagnosis?

Am I being pushed down the line as my condition is not life threatening (even though it is a life sentence?)

Comments from Inna:

Hello Peter,
Thank you so much for sharing your story and for being proactive. You are already few steps forward to great health since you are proactively looking to heal yourself.

It happens that gastroenterologist is having difficulties diagnosing between ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. They even have a name for in-between colitis “intermediate colitis” when it resembles both: Crohns and ulcerative colitis. Initial medication treatment is mostly with mesalamine medications like Pentasa, Asacol or Liadla. Also mesalamine is prescribed for other than ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

It’s easier to prescribe the medications in some cases than to actually get to the root cause of the problem. Something traditional medical doctors don’t really do much of. In Functional medicine that’s what we do. We look for the root cause of the problem. After all, it’s extremely important, right? Once you take care of the root of
the problem, once the cause of the disease is eliminated, the disease is gone.

We are all bombarded with toxins, pollutions, stress and other problems. Being toxic is becoming a norm, and it shouldn’t. Toxicity can be treated on different levels.

When the stool comes out thin like a pencil then the intestines are most likely very swollen. If the intestines are swollen there’s obviously an inflammation of the gut. “What caused the inflammation?” It is something I always try to figure out for my patients?

I know it may sound too holistic but if you are very concerned about being undiagnosed try telling yourself it’s a great thing. You may be lucky this way. It’s great that there are no labels, no scary explanations from the doctors.
That means you are healthy. You are healthy
inside and outside. This is just a temporary glitch that is being fixed by my own body as we speak. You are healthy emotionally and your own body is healthy.

There is just so many natural ways you can help your system heal. There are relaxation exercises, Yoga, breathing exercise, mediation and many others.

There are great natural supplements: herbal, homeopathic and plant derived.

There’s always Functional medicine that I practice and had great success with patients that have gastrointestinal inflammatory symptoms. I believe in this type of healing and it could be supplemental to traditional medication treatment or could be used alone. It is definitely something to consider.

For now, concentrate on getting your body in alkaline state. This way a fistula, tumors or even cancer cells won’t be able to be formed. Once your body gets acidic that’s when all problems start. So start drinking those greens and good, clean, filtered water with minerals.

If you need additional help, contact me via Contact Us form. My office phone number is 1-800-557-8039

I wish you great health in a New Year!

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