Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms.

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms. Say "Good Bye" To Symptoms Of Colitis And Improve Your Digestive Health.

What is ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease where mostly colon and rectum is affected. This disease causes inflammation in the colon and rectum.

Ulcerative colitis symptoms can be very similar to Crohn’s disease symptoms. Sometimes it’s difficult for the doctor diagnose a patient because it’s not always clear case.

About 5 to 10% of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disorders can’t get a clear diagnosis. When a definite diagnosis can’t be established between Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, it's called intermediate colitis.

Ulcerative colitis symptoms vary depending on the location of the inflammation and how bad is that inflammation.

Following colitis symptoms often present in ulcerative colitis:

  • Ulcerative proctitis:

    In ulcerative proctitis ( type of ulcerative colitis), inflammation mostly occurs in the rectum so the common symptom would be rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding is a very common symptom of ulcerative colitis. Other symptoms of ulcerative colitis can be rectal pain, feeling of urgency or an inability to move the bowels even though you feel like you need to go. This symptom is called tenesmus. This type of ulcerative colitis is the mildest one.

  • Proctosigmoiditis:

    This type of ulcerative colitis involves the lower end of the colon (called sigmoid colon) and the rectum. Pain, tenesmus, abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea are very common ulcerative colitis symptoms.

  • Left-sided colitis:

    The name of this colitis type is self explanatory. Here the inflammation goes from the rectum to the left side through the sigmoid and descending colon. Ulcerative colitis symptoms here are: abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea and pain on the left side, and unwanted weight loss.

  • Pancolitis:

    Pancolitis affects the whole colon. Pancolitis causes bouts of bloody diarrhea. Also the symptoms of colitis here would be fatigue, severe abdominal pain, abdominal cramping and severe weight loss.

  • Fulminant colitis:

    Fulminanat colitis is pretty rare condition. It could be life threatening. This type of ulcerative colitis usually affects the entire colon. That means that the symptoms here are severe diarrhea, severe pain and dehydration and sometimes even shock. Patients with fulminant colitis are at risk of very serious complications. These complications may include colon rupture and toxic megacolon. Toxic megacolon usually happens when the colon becomes extremely distended very rapidly with a risk of sepsis.

Ulcerative colitis patients go through stages of acute illness (flare ups) alternating with periods of remission. Most people with a mild ulcerative colitis which is ulcerative proctitis, usually don’t get worse signs and symptoms overtime.

The treatment of ulcerative colitis is similar with Crohn’s disease treatment. Mostly, the treatment consists of anti-inflammatory medications, but sometimes patients could end up having a surgery.

Tips To Improve Your Life With Colitis Symptoms.

  • My idea of a colitis treatment is a combination of stress relieving techniques, breathing exercise, acupuncture, Yoga, natural supplements, getting enough sleep, family and friends support with conventional medical treatment.
  • The natural supplements that colitis patients would benefit from would be probiotics and immune system modifiers. Digestive enzymes could be very beneficial for patients with remission stage. It’s not recommended to use digestive enzymes with active ulcerative sores. Many patients need vitamin supplementation like B-12 and multivitamins. Many ulcerative colitis patients notice less inflammation with great quality Omega-3 like OmegAvail With Vitamin D and K .
  • Ulcerative colitis diet should be personalized. It’s really important to find your right ulcerative colitis diet. This could be your most important part of the treatment. Going gluten free should be considered first. Then, try switching to organic little by little. The next step would be adding more raw, unprocessed and uncooked food to get your body more alkaline and healthy. You may want to hire a professional certified nutritionist. This may pay off in a big way.
  • I wish you to stay healthy and say good bye to your ulcerative colitis symptoms.

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