tysabri. is it more dangerous than cimzia or remicade?

I'm currently on 30mg prednisone. Not able to taper without having a bad inflammation so my doctors are pushing for another medication to help.

I've tried Cimzia and Remicade which worked only for a short period of time and I am now on 6mp but my doctors are pushing for Tysabri.

Is it more dangerous or the same sort of story as the other immunosupressants that I’ve taken?

I've just begun acupuncture and about to add GI Revive and fish oil and probiotics to my daily pills. I want to give the natural stuff a chance, but my doctors are really pushing for me to start Tysabri. Why are they so convinced that the holistic approach won't work for me?

Comments from Inna:

The reason conventional medical doctors are convinced that the holistic approach won't work for you is because they don't believe it would work for anyone, not just you.

That's what I get from most of my readers and patients. It's so rare when you can find a confident traditional medical doctor that will be willing to learn anything holistic. That's not what they do..

Imagine going to one salesperson that sells a product that may interest or benefit you. And there's another shop that sells similar but maybe even better product across the street. You go to the first shop first and ask about the product in the second shop. The salesperson in the first shop will be eager to tell you that the other product is bad because they he/she
won't make any money from it and he/she don't know anything about that product….That's allegory, but in reality the situation is pretty similar.

What you can do is to find a medical practitioner that practices integrative medicine (combination of traditional and holistic). For now you can take the above mentioned natural supplements. Acupuncture is wonderful for Crohn's if you find a good practitioner.

Tysabri is from the same class of medications as the other biological you took. Similar families of medications have similar side effect profile, similar drug interactions, similar drug food interactions, etc.

It's not more or less dangerous; your doctor has a certain algorithm to follow. Once one drug fails, they try another, once that drug fails they try the next drug on the protocol. That's their job. And they want to do their job according to all the laws and regulations. You can't really blame the doctors for trying to stick to protocols. The moment they don't follow the protocol they get sued. Their premiums are sky high. Doctors are getting a slap on the wrist for every little thing. It's not easy..

But you can just leave all the outside noise and concentrate on YOUR health. Let them do what they have to and you can do what you have to. Find way that works for you and try until you succeed.

I can help you get much better with a holistic method even along with conventional medication treatment. You can call for an appointment 1-800-557-8039

All the best to you.

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