Tulsi Tea And Tulsi Benefits.

Tulsi Tea. Tulsi Plant Has Great Effects On The Immune System. Drinking What Organic Tulsi Would Help You Stay Away From Flu And Colds? Would Tulsi Leaves Help Crohn’s Patients Or Other Patients With Chronic Disorders?

I always liked herbal teas. I grew up with herbal teas. But only recently I discovered Tulsi plant.

Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum) plant has tulsi leaves. I read about Tulsi benefits and tried different flavors of Tulsi mixed teas. I loved most of the flavors but did not realize until later, when I stopped drinking these teas and got a cold, that they were giving my immune system some boost.

Tulsi was used in India for thousands of years for wellness and spirit. Tulsi tea is called “holy basil” or “sacred” herb of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is ancient holistic health system of India.

Herbs are basics of Ayurvedic medicine. Indians treat Tulsi as a sacred plant. It is a part of typical Indian household. They grow Tulsi in the family home or garden.

Most of us probably did not even hear about it. It’s like an herbal “best kept secret”. I never run out of it. There are many types of organic Tulsi tea that are caffeine free but some have caffeine like the green Tulsi mixed tea.

This is not the magic pill and it certainly not cure for all herb. Tulsi mixed tea should be used as and addition to your wellness regiment. You need to drink at least a few organic Tulsi mixed tea cups a day to get the full health benefit. It is especially crucial to do during cold and flu seasons.

Tulsi herb has many beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural plant compounds that have health benefits. The essential oils in Tulsi leaves are those phytochemicals.

Tulsi Benefits:

  • Tulsi health benefits include improved digestion and that is very important for anyone suffering with digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, Celiac disease, IBS, etc.
  • Tulsi is one of the best adaptogens according to studies. Adaptogens is a natural herb product that helps the human body resist stress.
  • Tulsi benefits include a great stamina boost.
  • Tulsi benefits include immune system support.
  • Tulsi extract improves your metabolism.
  • Tulsi leaves can be used as a calming tea.
  • Tulsi extract can be used as a natural sleep aid.
  • Tulsi plant can improve respiratory health.
  • Tulsi leaves have antioxidant properties and help fight the free radicals.
  • Tulsi extract can help you keep healthy eyesight.
  • Tulsi benefits also include help with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Tulsi tea health benefits also include help with maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Tulsi tea can improve joint support.

And more and more research is finding additional Tulsi mixed tea benefits.

If you wish to study further you can go to PubMed.gov PubMed and type in "Tulsi", it will take to the study that suggests that Tulsi has antiatherogenic effects. Antiatherogenic agents prevent lipid like plaques on the vessels walls. That means that Tulsi could also have some anti-inflammatory properties. And that may be the most important benefit for Crohn's disease patients as well as ulcerative colitis patients, IBS patients, Celiac patients and others suffering from digestive disorders.

Which one of the Tulsi mixed tea do I like? I use well researched company called Organic India.

I usually like my Sweet Rose Organic Tulsi Tea at night. I love my Lemon Ginger for heartburn and indigestion. My family’s favorite is Red Mango. Honey Chamomile is great aid for flatulence and constipation.

If you are interested in getting these teas, contact me here.

I think its best effective when unsweetened but you can add some raw milk, if desired.

I hope you know and enjoy all Tulsi benefits.

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