Symptoms Of Crohn Disease.

Symptoms of Crohn disease. How to free yourself from symptoms of Crohns disease.

Symptoms of Crohn disease are the signals to let you know that the inflammatory response is “over-reacting”.

Being a patient of Crohns disease is like living on top of a ticking explosive device. We never know when Crohns disease symptoms can start.

It’s not proven yet what causes Crohns disease symptoms but there are many possible (unproven yet) causes of this disease.

We worry that too much stress can trigger another flare-up and then we are stressed out about being too worried.

The goal is trying to avoid the symptoms of Crohns disease because once this “roller coaster ride” starts, it gets very difficult to stop it. Because inflammatory mechanism works in the same way like the chain reaction (domino effect).

The mild Crohns symptoms for the patient with already diagnosed Crohns disease should become like big signs to slow down and rest to prevent something more serious happening.

When moderate or severe Crohns symptoms hit, this get more and tougher to “put off the fire”.

Patients with symptoms of Crohn disease are often very tired (experience fatigue). This makes sense because the body gets too exhausted from the immune system overworking itself, draining all your energy.

The biggest problem with symptoms of Crohn disease is that this disease can affect absolutely every part of your body for the tongue to the anus, from the skin to the joints. The inflammation causes arthritic joint pain, fevers and so much more.

The symptoms of Crohns disease can be very confusing at times and can be misdiagnosed as Ulcerative colitis (another inflammatory bowel disease) and Irritable bowel syndrome. These are different illnesses which are treated and looked at differently.

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The symptoms of Crohn disease are categorized into systemic symptoms (because this is autoimmune disease), gastrointestinal symptoms and other symptoms.

Crohns Disease Symptoms More details about symptoms of Crohns disease. This autoimmune disease is a chronic condition when the immune system mistakes its own cells for foreign substances and starts attacking them. Learn more here about Crohns disease symptoms.

The most common symptoms of Crohns disease are abdominal pain (it often hurts in the right lower area, but not always), acute or chronic diarrhea, weight loss, rectal bleeding, flatulence and bloating.

Other symptoms might be night sweats, mouth sores, skin problems, fevers, and loss of appetite.

During the remission stage (inactive stage of Crohns disease) the patients may experience constipation because the intestinal wall thickens from chronic inflammation. It is common to have periods of constipation followed by diarrhea without ever getting normal. This vicious cycle needs to be broken! That’s exactly why I think that some natural therapies should be tried to regulate our digestive system for it to function normally.

If you are like me and need to get to the bottom of things then consider exploring other options besides medications. I am a pharmacist but I also believe in alternative treatments. Especially that should be considered for patients that don’t get a complete relief from conventional medication therapy. Having Crohns disease changed my state of mind tremendously.

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7 Great Tips To Tame Your Symptoms Of Crohn disease:

Leave symptoms of Crohns disease behind.

  • Start with selecting a good quality probiotic Sometimes S. thermophilus(one of the active ingredients in the probiotics formulas) makes symptoms of Crohn disease worse. But not for everyone. Just change the brand if you notice the difference. Look for a great, respectable company with ingredients like Saccharomyces Boulardii and/or L.acidophilus. Probiotics are great to restore gut flora and they improve digestive system a great deal.

  • Change your diet! This really matters even though many doctors say that you should be able to eat everything if you are in remission, but I disagree. Look for a certified nutritionist or experiment with separating starchy foods with mostly protein foods.

  • Take good quality digestive enzymes especially with hard to digest foods and proteins.

  • Get enough rest and consider doing Yoga or breathing exercises!

  • Look for a good acupuncturist and this can make a big difference!

  • Go to a holistic dentist to check if you have mercury fillings. I personally removed them but that’s not supported by studies yet.

  • Take natural supplements like great immune system modifiers(example great quality buffered Vitamin C with bioflavonoids or many others) to improve your immune system without overworking it.

I wish you all the best in your journey with Crohns disease!

No more symptoms of Crohn disease for you!

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