Stuck on prednisone

by Ryan
(Kirkland Lake, ON, Canada)


I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years ago. I have not been able to come off prednisone. I have tried (Imuran, Methotrexate, Humira, etc) I was either unable to tolerate them or they did not work. The only thing I do tolerate is the 5-ASA. I take 25mg of prednisone a day and that's the lowest I can go without symptoms returning. What options are there for me?

Comments from Inna:

I'm sure that you have been given all your conventional medicine options by your doctor.

So I can introduce you to alternative and other natural health options.

You can try acupuncture. Many patients report felling much better after just a few sessions.

You can try changing your diet according to your nutritional type.

You can try taking natural anti-inflammatory supplemts.

You can try probiotics and digestive enzymes.

You can try testing your vitamin D levels to see if you need supplementation. Many Crohn's patients report feeling better on appropriate vit D dose.

You can try Functional medicine that I practice. You can call my office for an appointment 1-800-557-8039. I've helped many Crohn's patients. We can talk on the phone or via Skype. We would adjust your diet, I would send you home test kits to check your saliva, stool and urine and we'll supplement accordingly.

Also, there's bioenergy healing. I was recently trained as a bioenergy therapist Domancic method and it's such an effective holistic method. Right now I'm only able to use this method for my local patients but soon I will be able to do it on distance.

There's also hypnotherapy that works for a good number of Crohn's disease patients. Since most of Crohn's patients are type A personalities we need to be able to set up goals and priorities in the right order.

I hope this helped.

I wish you great health!

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Dec 01, 2011
Alternitive treatments and crohns support group
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm Chrytsal Robinson. You should try cats claw una de gato, see a shaman and get soul retreival work or reiki, or try b12 the disolvable kind.

I have had Crohns for 14 yrs active all of those yrs! I understand. Try Remicaide it works very well, does nothing for skin rashes related to Crohns but helps with the bones and stomach pain, you can try oesteopathic manipulation, for your bones if you get Crohns related arthritis like I have, or you can try magnesuim malate for muscle aches and fatigue and make sure you are taking iron suppletments and vitimin d or coral calcium!

Good luck, Hope you can find somem relief! Try meditation when it gets really bad it helps keep the mind off the pain!

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