Sources Of Vitamin D.

Sources Of Vitamin D. Know Your Great Food Sources Of Vitamin D? Get Everything Out Of Those Vitamin D Benefits.

Vitamin D is very important. Having a sufficient level of vitamin D is essential for your endocrine system and your health in general.

Vitamin D stimulates the production of cathelicidin. Cathelicidin has antimicrobial properties. It helps getting rid of viruses, fungus and bacteria.

Vitamin D deficiency increases risks of infections such as tuberculosis and influenza. (As per study published in Jan 2010 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry). There are many current studies that suggest tremendous health improvements with sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency is much more common than most think. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with growing list of conditions and diseases including Crohn’s disease.

Documented vitamin D benefits are increasing by a minute. Vitamin D benefits include decrease in inflammation and improve chronic conditions. Other vitamin D benefits include decreasing the risk of premature birth and birth defects. Other studies call vitamin D a “silent analgesic”. Benefits of vitamin D are even associated with reducing cancer risks. Calcium can not be absorbed without sufficient vitamin D levels. There’s no stop for those benefits of vitamin D.

What are your best sources of vitamin D? Sun rays are your best sources. Regular sun exposure, minus sunscreen, makes your own skin and body produce vitamin D naturally.

Before you look for vitamin D supplements you need to know something very important. Vitamin D has many great health benefits, but overdosing vitamin D is not a great idea. ALWAYS, check your levels first.

Do you know how much of that sun exposure you really need? That’s a god question. Your average daily sun exposure should be about 15 to 20 minutes with most of your skin exposed to the sun. But again this number depends on the skin type, your genetics, the time of the day, where you live, the times of the year, latitude, altitude, etc, etc.

So what do we do?

There are different sites now that can calculate the UV rays in your area and other details and may even figure out EXACTLY how much sun exposure you personally need to make sufficient amount of vitamin D daily. But my question would be: Are you going to be able to follow those recommendations? Are you going to be able to stay outside (it should be sunny) with most of your skin exposed for about 15 to 20 minutes daily? I know that I can’t. Where I live we might get about 60 to 90 days out of the year when it’s sunny. Am I going to be outside for most of these days for 15 minutes a day? No, I can’t. What can I do?

Well, I have a few other options: vitamin D lamps, vitamin D spray, prescription vitamin D source and foods rich with vitamin D.

Sources Of Vitamin D:

The best source of vitamin D is sun exposure. What if you can’t get enough of it?

  • Prescription Vitamin D. What you should know about prescription vitamin D sources? Most of vitamin D benefits were reported from vitamin D 3. Ergocalciferol is vit D 2 but vit D 3 is called cholecalciferol. Your body would have a better absorption of vitamin D from D 3. Vit D 2 is a synthetically made vitamin and it’s more difficult for the body to absorb. But vitamin D 2 is the one that you will most likely get by prescription.

  • Vitamin D Lamps There are other great vitamin D sources, which is the next best thing. That would be vitamin D lamps or vitamin D safe tanning beds. You can contact me , if you are interested in those.

  • Vitamin D Emulsion If that’s seems a little tough economically for you right now, go for vitamin D emulsion. Emulsified Vitamin D would have much better absorption than vitamin D in tablets or capsules. Vitamin D emulsion is even great for kids. But ONLY if they need it.

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    Dietary sources of vitamin D- Food sources of vitamin D:

    Excellent dietary or food sources of vitamin D include:

    • Butter( look for raw milk butter)
    • Liver
    • Fatty fish: herring, sardines, salmon and tuna.
    • Fish oil (look for reputable company that measures and monitors Mercury levels)
    • Cereals (look for gluten free, no sugar added cereals)
    • Chocolate milk (I recommend raw milk with raw chocolate powder mixed well)
    • Egg yolk (try 2 minute eggs, rather than hard boiled)
    • Meats (beef, veal, etc.)

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    I hope you find your great sources of vitamin D here. All the best to you.

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