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Apr 22, 2011
Reply to Toe and Calf Pain with Crohn's disease.
by: Inna

Hello Dawn,

Thanks for your question.

Crohn's disease is associated with many complications including muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis and Gout arthritis.

So sharp toe pain and deformities can be the signs of Gout arthritis. While calf pain can be muscle pain or neuropathic pain.

Any of these symptoms can be associated with Crohn's symptoms/complications. And most likely it means that your Crohn's disease is in advance stage since the inflammatory symptoms are so advanced.

But there is so much can be done for inflammation and Crohn's disease with Functional medicine method that I practice. There are more holistic options for patients with chronic diseases than just traditional medicine.

This method will help you reduce the inflammation and help with Crohn's disease symptoms.

For the meantime, you need to reduce your salt intake. You would also want to avoid any smoked fish or smoked foods as well as increase the amount of great quality drinking filtered water.

If you need an individual consultation it may be more cost-effective than you think.

For more information you can call my office at 1-800-557-8039

Apr 23, 2011
I've had the same thing
by: J B

I've had severe foot toe and calf pain, usually at night. I found that when I'm very dehydrated I get severe muscle cramps. The cramps caused the painful twisting of the toes and pain in my calfs and of course the Crohns causes the dehydration.

I've tried to drink more fluids and eat foods that you can tolerate that are high in Potassium like bananas.

Hope this helps


Apr 23, 2011
Reply to J B
by: Inna

Thank you so much J B for this information. It means a lot to me and all others that have the same issues.

I get lots of emails and submissions from people suffering with Crohn's. Many, many people will read this post. I appreciate every comment. And others appreciate it too.

I have people submitting recipes, home-made remedies and other things for chronic conditions like Crohn's.

That's why I'm trying very hard to make this site different from others.

Thank you again.

Jul 07, 2011
Neuropathic & Musculoskeletal Pain/Crohn's Disease/Pagets/ Gout
by: Tom Mc

No one has told me that I have Chrons Disease or Gout Arthritis. However, I have a stint in my heart, have had prostate cancer for 15 years, osteoporosis, had my gallblallder and appendix taken out, have a vicious case of ONJ (Osteonecrosis of The Jaw), with a large open hole in my right jaw and have weekly to monthly neuorpathic or musculoskeltal attacks.

These attacks are vicious on the big toes, sole of the foot, calves,even the neck at times, and scapula areas. they last from 3-45 minutes and the pain is excruciating. They cause me to plunge my bent toes into the toilet as soon as possible, then to writhe in agony on the carpet as I howl away in pain (Seems to help alleviate a tiny bit of the pain)and eventually to having a person (my wife) open a Fentanyl Citrate oral stick of 200 mcg.

However, once open and used for a few seconds, the Fentanyl Stick takes 5-15 minutes to work and give some relief.

Sometimes, as I feel the attack coming on, I try to grab a Fentanyl Stick and get started before the attack reaches its peak. If I force myself from sleep to do that it does seem to help somewhat. Then again, I often get both toes, calves, or sole involved at the same time. Now that is really a trial of terror and agony.

And the beat goes on. I am near 77 and I believe these constant attacks, along with chronic diarrhea some of my drugs give me, are surely going to affect the heart in a way I may not ever remember. so, any advice.? TWM

Jul 07, 2011
Reply to Neuropathic & Musculoskeletal Pain/Crohn's Disease/Pagets/ Gout
by: Anonymous

Hello Tom,

I just want to say that we all sympathize with you and send you our love and really great energy wishes.

The pain that you experience can be so unbearable and it's truly so hard to handle.

I have not seen you case so I can't really recommend much. But generally speaking it's great to avoid spice, salty and inflammatory foods like tomatoes and eggplants.

It's very important to check vitamin D levels. If you have low levels you may need to get vitamin D supplement and that could improve things.

You may want to try Alpha Lipoic Acid with very potent impressive results.

If you have more questions, contact my office at 800-557-8039 to make an appointment with me or order above mentioned products.

I wish you to feel much, much better. We all send you great wishes Tom.

Best, Inna

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