Seeking Remission

by AD

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease earlier this year. Looking back, I had symptoms for years. Bought a ton of books, talked to a bunch of people, and read as much as I could get my hands on (including this website) to educate myself about this disease.

Followed Inna's advice...cut out fruit/sugar for a month and a half. Cut out bread and other grains. This seemed to help quite a bit. I still eat lower carb diet, although I do eat rice occasionally and quinoa regularly. My diet is still rather limited, but I hope to begin incorporating more salads (used to eat one a day), Ezekiel bread, and beans (great source of protein and fiber) in my diet. Right now, I stick to cooked veggies, protein, 2-3 servings of fruit, healthy fats, baked goods with almond flour, small amount of carbs.

I take plenty of probiotics, fish oil, glutamine, multi-vitamin, etc. I feel much better than I did when diagnosed, although still not 100%. I'm not on meds - doc was ok with this approach. But, after reading a ton, I've learned that Crohn's normally starts off mild and eventually causes problems due to chronic inflammation (over time develop strictures, fistulas, abscesses - this is the normal course of disease). I wonder if I would be better off adding 5-ASA or another med to keep me in remission and control inflammation. Doc says there isn't a lot of evidence to support 5-ASA altering the course of the disease.

Anyways, really appreciate all the good information on this site!

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Dec 14, 2009
Crohns Treatments
by: Inna

I really appreciate your comments and compliments. It's inspiring.

Most gastroenterologists would suggest for you to stay on 5-ASA's for life to avoid future Crohn's flare-ups and prevent colon cancer. This is traditional medicine. Crohns treatments (as per conventional medicine) have a goal to keep patients in full remission REGARDLESS of your diet. That's where I question taking 5-ASA's for life. What if the patient had majot lifestyle modifications and great Crohns disease diet plan that works? I don't know if the theory of taking 5-ASA's for life would pertain to the patients naturally in full remission. But this is only my personal, educated guess and not proven by any studies, because there are no studies like that.

But holistic Crohns treatments would be similar this way because most holistic practitioners would want you to take natural anti-inflammatory supplements for a long time and remain on very strict Crohns diet FOR LIFE.

Basically, the choice is yours. Would it be natural treatments or traditional medicine or both? Either way, you would need to be in conrol of your health ALWAYS.

I am so happy that you educate yourself about Crohns disease and all of the aspects of Crohns treatments. That's how you would be doing much better than all other patients who let others take control of their own health.

I wish you all the best, Stay happy and healthy ALWAYS!

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