Your "Relieving Constipation" Guide.

Relieving constipation.

Learn about probiotics for constipation, suppositories for constipation and sitting toilets vs. squatting toilet.

The need for constipation cure is based on two very important reasons:

  • You need relief for constipation because if you don’t your body gets poisoned from all the toxins being thrown back into your system.
  • You need to do it because not relieving constipation worsens the constipation.

Not to mention that constipation makes you feel really terrible, irritable and crampy. And chronic constipation can make you really sick.

Of course, basic and most effective steps are preventative.

Relieving Constipation. Prevention.

  • Drink plenty of water (good quality water: filtered with mineral content, artesian or at least spring water).
  • Try to get healthy fiber, vegetables and fruits in your diet. Hign fiber diet is very important for colon health.
  • Healthy eating is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system

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  • Stress reducing techniques are great for muscle relaxation (including internal smooth muscles) and that helps to relieve constipation.
  • Regular exercise is very crucial in preventing constipation. Regular body movements equal regular bowel movements. Also, Yoga and acupuncture are great for preventing constipation.

  • Fast constipation relief:

    If prevention did not work or you simply can’t wait and you are ready for a faster way of relieving constipation:

    -Try natural bulk laxative (insoluble fiber) like a great quality psyllium containing product. Lots of patients told me that they already tried Metamucil and it did not really work… But the common mistake in taking these products was not drinking enough water with them. It’s possible to get the opposite effect from a bulk laxative if you don’t drink enough water with it. Metamucil and other over the counter bulk laxatives are full of artificial ingredients, colors and flavors. It’s probably OK to use temporarily but I would definitely start with a natural or organic brand of psyllium. You can find this product in many organic and health food stores. Drink plenty of water with it! It takes some time to work, especially if you are very constipated. Continuous use of psyllium makes you regular and cleaner inside.

    But sometimes you don’t have the time to wait and you are in desperate need of relieving constipation instantly. I would still start with natural methods because over the counter laxatives can be very problematic in a way that you can become dependent on them.

    Fast Constipation Relief

    • Place some prunes in a cup. Boil filtered or spring water and let it cool to lukewarm temperature. Then pour the water over the prunes until fully covered with water. Don’t forget to cover the cup with a plate. Let it stand over-night and drink the liquid in the morning. The liquid will still be effective and much less irritating than eating prunes. But start with a small amount and see how much you would need for a full effect.

    • Some organic or health food stores have prunes with senna spreads that can be very effective in relieving constipation. But even though senna is a very natural leaf, it is like any other laxative in a sense that it can cause dependence. You can use it occasionally, but don’t make it your go-to medication as a relief for constipation. It’s not meant for chronic use. There is a product that combines prunes and senna in the tablet form called Prunelax. It is sold in natural or health food stores.

    • Fennel, chamomile and peppermint teas can be great additions when trying to find a relief for constipation.

    • Some patients were very successful in relieving constipation by drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning followed by a tablespoonful of extra-virgin olive oil 15 minutes later. The olive oil can be substituted with grape-seed oil, flaxseed oil or fish oil. Your first meal should be about 20 minutes later and should be accompanied by a cup of warm black or green tea. Hot tea after breakfast helps to promote a bowel movement.

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    Relieving Constipation:

    • Coconut oil is a very good anti-inflammatory agent. You can spread it on sprouted whole-wheat bread. There is really good bread by the name of Ezekiel 4:9 made by a company called Food For Life. But this bread is not Ok for gluten intolerance people.
    • Remember, coffee is a natural laxative only for the first 10-15 minutes after drinking it. Then it becomes a constipating agent.
    • Flaxseeds (freshly milled each time) added to your fruit smoothie or yogurt can be a great natural way in relieving constipation. Remember, absolutely no sugar should be added to your yogurt or smoothie. If you really want it sweetened, try raw stevia instead of sugar.
    • I am not a fan of mineral oil in any way. It can cause aspiration pneumonia upon accidental inhalation. That’s why it is especially dangerous for small children. I don't recommend mineral oil for constipation. If any oil, you can try castor oil for constipation.
    • Probiotics for constipation. Good quality probiotics play a big role in gastro-intestinal health. They maintain the balance of the flora in the GI tract which will keep you regular. But keep in mind that this is not a fast acting approach to becoming regular. Probiotics for constipation is more of a preventative approach.
    • Digestive enzymes are especially important for patients with digestive disorders. They help break down hard to digest proteins and carbohydrates. They won’t be effective for immediate relief but they will help digest food better and promote a healthy bowel movement. Look for good quality digestive enzymes. It makes a difference.
    • If you absolutely want to get an over the counter product in the pharmacy, Colace is the first recommended step in relieving constipation. It’s a stool softener. It may cause some cramping. It’s moderately effective for chronic constipation.
    • Enema for constipation. Enemas are very effective in relieving constipation. The classic and effective brand of Fleet with saline solution is mostly recommended by pharmacists. It's a saline laxative. Remember, this is only for occasional relief of constipation.
    • Suppositories for constipation. Glycerin suppositories and Milk Of Magnesia are effective for relieving constipation fast. But remember they are laxatives and left only for last resort. Suppositories for constipation are mostly available over-the-counter with glycerin ingredient. But sometimes you can find homeopathic suppositories for constipation in natural stores.
    • Magnesium for constipation. Magnesium for constipation was favorite choice of doctors for ages. Magnesium supplement can be effective in relieving constipation. Some health food stores have magnesium supplements in combination with vitamin C which can maintain the moisture of the stool. This kind of product can be pretty effective but always double check with the doctor if have any problems with blood pressure.
    • As a last resort for relieving constipation, there’s an over the counter product called Dulcolax (bisacodyl). It’s a laxative that works as an irritant laxative. It irritates the colon and forces it to empty out the bowel contents. Bisacodyl can cause discomfort, bloating and cramping but it is effective and definitely not recommended as a first line agent. Please, make sure you do everything possible before taking bisacodyl or senna for chronic use.
    • Make sure to take blood tests at least every six months. Have your doctor check your thyroid levels, especially if you are a woman. Thyroid dysfunction can cause severe constipation.
    • Sitting toilets vs. squatting toilet. Last but not least, try squatting every time you have a bowel movement. It helps in preventing constipation because it will enable you to empty out completely. Not kidding. There's data which suggests that using squatting toilet can improve digestive health. Crohns disease didn’t even exist until toilets were invented as far as we know. Makes you wonder?

    • Remember, good health starts with a healthy colon.

      I hope you found your way of relieving constipation here. I wish you well!

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