Relief For Constipation.

Relief For Constipation. Learn How To Relieve Constipation Here. Know The Foods That Relieve Constipation.

Best method of relieving constipation is prevention of constipation. Too late now? Ok, let's get to work.

5 Tips – Relief for Constipation.

  1. Re-think your diet. Get enough fiber into your diet. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Limit sugary fruit intake like mangoes, bananas. Have more blueberries and raspberries.
  2. Re-think your water. Try buying a filter for your house. Your water should be filtered with mineral content, artesian or at least spring water.
  3. Re-think your exercise or lack of it. Getting enough exercise weekly would make a difference for most patients. Just getting enough exercise alone helps patients relieve constipation. Regular exercise improves many health conditions in general.
  4. Re-think constipation cure. Looking for constipation cures is looking for easy way out. Instead look within yourself and look at what you can do to improve your gut health. That would include stopping smoking, limiting your alcohol consumption or going to bed earlier. Relaxation and breathing techniques could very much help too.
  5. Re-think stress. It’s not just the stress from work, but also dietary stress or environmental stress. Functional medicine can’t help you not get the stress. But Functional medicine could help you not get sick for it. I practice Functional Medicine and this method has a very high rate of success with constipation relief.

  6. It’s essential to relieve constipation same as getting enough oxygen or enough food. Chronic constipation may be more dangerous than toxic environment or toxic food. Backed up toxins inside of your intestines flow back and forth into your bloodstream.

    There is no doubt that you need to relieve constipation. Many Crohn’s patients suffer from chronic constipation and diarrhea sometimes can develop because of constipation. So your job is to make sure you have healthy bowel movements (at least one to two daily). This is a must if you want to stay healthy.

    Rebuilding digestive health is not happening overnight. For meantime you can use digestive enzymes with every meal or with difficult to digest foods.

    Constipation home remedy:

    This worked for many patients.

    • Try drinking freshly squeezed raw potato juice. You may want to start from ¼ to ½ glass two to three times daily. Many patients report this soothing comfort after drinking raw potato juice.
    • You can drink ½ teaspoonful of wheat bran, if you are not gluten intolerant, with 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice from green apples. This works as a great constipation home remedy.
    • Drink a glass of carrot and green apple juice mixed with one tablespoonful of extra virgin olive oil.

    Cure for constipation?

    Is there a cure for constipation? That depends how badly you want to get your digestive health back on track. If you eat healthy for your nutritional type, exercise, drink clean water and de-stress regularly your chances of curing your constipation are much higher than for those who just want a quick fix remedy for today.

    Foods That Relieve Constipation

    • Coconut oil can be relief for constipation if used regularly in your diet. Make sure you use extra virgin, organic coconut oil.
    • Prunes or water with prunes left overnight works as great relief for constipation.
    • Organic bran muffin with no sugar added can work for constipation. But this is not suitable for gluten intolerant people.
    • You could try making this smoothie in a blender or in a Magic Bullet: take 2 spoonfuls of freshly milled flax seeds and mix with your favorite berries, add some goat’s yogurt, some ginger and a spoonful of flax seed oil. If you really need to sweeten this, try adding a spoonful of honey. This drink in the morning can be a great relief for constipation

    • If you eat raw salads with oil and lemon every day this will make your body make more digestive enzymes and this helps relieving constipation. Eating raw salads or raw vegetables improves digestive health in general.

    Probiotics are essential for digestive health. Taking probiotics can help in relieving constipation.

    Magnesium supplements can be great relief for constipation. Many health food stores or pharmacies have magnesium supplements in combination with vitamin C which can maintain the moisture of the stool.

    Having that perfect balance of water in the intestines is a big issue for Crohn’s patients and other patients with digestive disorders like IBS, ulcerative colitis and Celiac disease. Magnesium supplements can be pretty effective but always double check with the doctor if have any problems with blood pressure.

    Last, but not least I need to stress out the importance of psyllium when you are looking to find relief for constipation.

    I wish you to find a great relief for constipation and have a great digestive health.

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