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Jun 27, 2010
Reply To Rate Of Fracture Healing With Crohn's Disease
by: Inna

Hello Kathy,

Thank you so much for your question.

According to some studies the rate of getting vertebral fractures with Crohn's disease patients that have low bone mineral density (where you most likely fall into since you have been on high doses of steroids) is about 14 to 22%. That's a high rate of incidence.

I couldn't find studies that suggest having Crohn's disease would decrease the rate of fracture healing but theoretically it makes sense. Vertebral fractures take long to heal with anyone especially with the immune system of a patient with chronic, inflammatory disease. The immune system of a Crohn's disease patient cannot function adequately to make healing process fast.

Consider concentrating on healing from traditional medical point of view as well as non-traditional methods. Have you doctor check your vit D levels. Go to my NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS page and scroll down to vitamin D link to read about vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D supplement. You may also consider trying natural anti-inflammatory product.

Or you can contact me on the CONTACT US page to make an appointment.

I wish you great health and very fast healing.

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