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May 16, 2011
Reply to Crohn's Disease and Probiotics.
by: Inna

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for this question.

Many Crohn's disease patients that I know have been taking probiotics while on Remicaide. You may want to double check with your health care provider to make sure it's Ok.

I was taking probiotics when I was on Remicaide. Many doctors, gastroenterologists didn't believe in probiotics for a long time. Many of them still don't.

Unless there's some kind of contraindication for probiotics in normal case scenario there's no reason not to take probiotics.

You need to choose good quality probiotics. I can send you great professional quality probiotics that worked for my Crohn's disease clients.

You can call my office at 1-800-557-8039.

Or you can buy Probiotics Supreme from here.

And Floramyces from here.

Consider holistic options for Crohn's in addition to traditional Crohn's treatments. I've helped many Crohn's disease patients heal their condition with my Functional Medicine method.

Best, Inna

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