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Jun 03, 2010
Crohn's Disease And Pain Meds After Surgery
by: Inna

Hello Katelyn,

Pain management is a very serious issue for patients with Crohn's disease. No doctor wants to leave a patient in pain. Pain management after any surgery is usually followed by a standard hospital protocol. No special pain management would be assigned to a Crohn's disease patient after surgery most of the time.

You don't need to worry. They would give you pain killers to accommodate you. The only thing with most pain killers is that most of the strong ones can cause physical dependence, so try to understand that really strong pain killers should only be used when you have severe pain.

Also, one big thing with strong opiate like pain medications is that they cause lots of constipation. Severe constipation can be a cause for serious pain as well. And that creates a vicious circle. Try to be prepared for some constipation as a side effect and read my page on RELIEVING CONSTIPATION.

I want to wish only best with your surgery. I wish for you to recover very fast and heal your Crohn's disease soon.

All the best, Inna

P.S. You could tell your parents that I do phone consultations and they could contact me on the CONTACT US page to make an appointment.

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