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Jul 15, 2011
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by: Inna

Hello and thank you for this question,

I can notice all that frustration you feel with traditional medical treatment for Crohn's disease.

I felt exactly the same way. It is only harder to deal with chronic inflammatory condition if you are a medical professional like a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist.

You are a nurse and I originally started my career as a conventionally trained and traditionally minded pharmacist. You as a nurse probably looking at things with medical stand point. You are asking for answers, but do you want answers or do you need help with your inflammation?

It's very interesting that you feeling boxed. You know what; you are kind of boxed in when working in traditional medical setting.

Maybe it's time to come out of the box and try new things. Maybe it's time to realize when such and such thing doesn't have much medical literature and many studies but helped many people it can be a great Crohn's disease option.

Functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, meditation, breathing exercises and natural supplements worked for many Crohn's patients.

I can only give generalized answers here if I don't have all the patient information. If you want my help with your case trying Functional medicine approach I can try to answer any of your questions. Call my office at 1-800-557-8039.

Best, Inna

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