My daughter - treat the labs or treat the person?


My daughter, now age 13, was diagnosed w/ Crohn's disease when she was 8 after symptoms of fatigue and belly pain - never running to the bathroom even several times a day however, mostly fatigue.

Her dad has Crohn's so we took her to his gastro, who did a colonscopy and diagnosed her. She was put on Pentasa initially and then Immuran was added when she wasn't responding -- meaning her labs were still abnormal --- CRP elevated and anemic.

In the past six years, her labs have never been good - always show inflammation - yet she feels fine. She doesn't even have a bowel every day and never has diarrhea. However, she is persistently anemic and is not growing well. She is 13 and weighs 74 pounds and is 55 inches tall. A year ago we began nightly NG tube feedings, which have helped her gain some weight.

Her lack of growth is her main physical symptom. Her doctor would like to put her on Remicade, but we are not thrilled with that idea because of possible side effects and risk, albeit small, of contracting fatal T-cell lymphoma.

We always wrestle with the question, "Do you treat the labs, which are bad, or the person, who complains of no pain"? Of course the growth is an alarming symptom, but is it worth the risk of increasing meds?

Sometimes I wonder if she has something else we are missing, like maybe Celiac disease? Just wonder if you have experience with many other children who manifest no physical discomfort or diarrhea, which is thought to be a hallmark symptom of Crohn's?

We were at an alternative doctor (PhD in nutrition) who tested her with biofeedback and found her to be sensitive to gluten. Our regular doc doesn't buy that. Have
you got any suggestions?

Comments from Inna:
Hello and thank you for sharing your story.

It's the parents like you who get those kids fully recovered and eventually able to live a happy and healthy, long life. You don't give up. You are not listening to only one traditional healing method. You are open minded and I applaud to that. The reason that I got better was exactly the same. I kept on looking for more options.

As far as treating the labs or the patient it gets very difficult for traditional doctors to go any other way. If they don't treat the lab they are liable for so many things...

Before I even got to the bottom of your story I wanted to suggest trying to go gluten free. Even without testing. Gluten testing is tricky. Some of my patients (including myself) came to me with a paper saying no sensitivity to sprue while they were pretty gluten intolerant. Yes, going gluten free would most likely benefit your kid.

Your daughter may also benefit from avoiding all grains for a few months.

See, with Functional medicine and its analysis based protocols we go a step further than nutritional analysis. My goal as a Functional Medicine practitioner is to go to the root cause. In most of my cases once the root cause of the problem is eliminated the patient gets tremendously better.

If you would need a further consultation, call my office for an appointment. We can Skype or talk on the phone 1-800-557-8039.
There’s also a great product I usually recommend that helps with gaining weight and helps with absorbing that nutrition a little easier. You can get it Here.

All the best to you and your family: great health and keep up being an amazing parent!

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