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Gluten Free Diets.
Great Lessons To Learn And Great Gluten Free Options.

Gluten Free Diets. You may think you prepare a healthy gf meal for your family, think again...

Learn about dangers of teflon. Learn about the things you may not know. Lessons and tips on nutritional science. All at your fingertips here. 

What do you need to know when you cook for your loved one?

You want to keep them healthy. You want the meals to be truly good for them.

Once you try investing your time and money into healthy cooking education you will realize that there’s a just lot of information out there. Some you can believe and some you just can’t believe at all. 

Gluten Free Diets. Simplify Your Gluten Free Cooking. Make Smart And Healthy Cooking Choices For Your Family.

It is very important to keep your meals not just gluten free but very healthy and nutritious and there are many things you already know and many you probably need to learn.

For example:

Did you know that at certain temperatures many vegetables lose up to 80 percent of their nutritional value?

Did you know that cooking some vegetables in great quality oils will actually keep more nutrients intact?

Did you know that certain type of cookware can seep in certain toxic elements into the food?...Ok, then we have some reviewing to do.

Gluten free diets. Lessons to learn:

First things you need to know is that you want to keepyour sugar levels relatively constant. Big rise of blood sugar and sharp fall of blood sugar can eventually cause enough stress for the body for it to become pretty sick.

In order to keep levels constant your need to learn to eat proper amounts of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. 

Gluten free diets. Lessons to learn:

If you eat a sugary snack, even if it’s a gluten free snack, your sugar levels will rise quickly as they will quickly fall. This may create as much stress on the system as that stress at your job.

What is the solution? Make sure that your meal consists of good, lean protein, complex carbohydrates and great oil like steamed fish with lightly grilled asparagus, zucchini and carrots with grapeseed oil, just as an example.

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

Some vegetables will have more nutritional value if you cook them with oil. The examples would be tomatoes. Tomatoes have lots of lycopene. Lycopene has great antioxidant properties and it gives the tomato its red color. When you cook tomatoes the power of lycopene increases unlike most other vegetables that lose their nutritional value.

Also, carrots will benefit from being cooked with oil. As you know carrots are known to be great source of beta carotene. This vitamin is fat soluble. When you cook carrots in oil they keep most of beta carotene. Beta carotene changes into vitamin A and benefits your immune system and eye sight.

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

Most vegetables will keep their nutrients when least cooked or better eat them raw. Make salads, lots of salads with green leafy vegetables. Cut up zucchini into raw pasta. Make raw cucumber sandwiches with sliced cucumber to wrap around organic cold cuts. Get creative when it comes to keeping your family healthy.

Most sensitive under heat are vegetables that have lots of vitamin C. We need vitamin C in high amounts and our produce has less and less vitamin C with every year. Cooking those vegetables doesn’t help. So try to eat raw as much as possible especially greens, kale, red peppers, green peppers, cranberries, pomegranates, apples and citrus fruits

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

It is so important to cook using healthy cookware.Teflon covered cookware can become dangerous if it’s scratched. Some aluminum cookware may have aluminum seeping into the food and slowly cause aluminum toxicity. You need to be very choosy when it comes to healthy cookware for your family. This may be one of your most important investments. I use ceramic cookware for everything. It is specially made for high temperatures and can even be used for baking. It makes perfect stews and soups. And I know there are no chemicals in those dishes that I serve my children.Contact me if you want to learn more or get this type of cookware.

Tips for Gluten Free Diets:
  • Use the minimal water when you cook your vegetables
  • Use great quality, filtered water, even in your cooking.
  • Boil the water separately before cooking vegetables. Pour boiling water over raw vegetables and cook as little as possible. But raw will have more nutrients, vitamins and enzymes.
  • The thinner you cut your vegetables the more nutrition they will lose. The chunkier the piece the more vitamins it will retain.
  • Stay away for deep frying your food. This can potentially cause oxidation of the oil and becomes very unhealthy. Simplify your gluten free cooking and eat more raw.
  • Try steaming, baking and boiling your foods withminimal amount of time. This will be your healthiest way to cook vegetables, grains, some meat and fish.

Gluten free shopping list should consist of healthy vegetables, berries, some fruits, lean meat, wild caught fish, etc. Your gluten free shopping list should really be your regular food shopping list with substituted to gluten free bread, pasta, etc. 

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

I know that it is very hard to change your diet. There are so many temptations. You need to imagine that every time you "cheat" and have anything containing gluten you only "cheat" yourself. Every bite of gluten containing product will cause your body to have aninflammatory reaction. You may not feel it right away but you will feel it overtime. If you have true gluten sensitivity do not give into your temptations. Stay gluten free.

It’s easy now making those substitutions. Most people really like gluten free bread by UdI’s. Bagels from Udi’s are pretty good, too. We like brown rice pasta from Traders’ Joe and rice pasta from Notta Pasta.

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

What would make you happy when you switch to gluten free diets?

You want to keep the great taste. You want to continue eating the things you’ve grown accustomed to. So make the slow switch. Replace only one new thing every week. First week replace the pasta. See the reaction of your family. Experiment with different brands. The next week replace the bread. See which bread your family will like best. Following week try replacing crackers. Then the cookies. After a few months you won’t feel that it was a big change. You won’t have any rebelling family members refusing your meals if you do change everything overtime. But make no mistake, do not make steps backwards. Just do not go back to gluten if you shouldn’t be consuming it.

Gluten free diets. More lessons to learn:

Try grains like quinoa or brown rice as a side dish. These are really great and nutritious.

Try tapioca puddings for your kids for deserts. Tapioca is naturally gluten free. This is a great gluten free desert option that kids really like.

Make sure that your kids will have snack and lunch with them. This way they would not be tempted to eat the “forbidden food”.

One really big plus when switching from wheat or rye bread to gluten free bread is the fact that you will most likely eliminate genetically modified yeast from your bread. And eliminating bread from your diet is a great health gain.

Switching to gluten free diets is the healthy step. Embrace it and improve your health!!!

Next…GF Diet Recipes 

Contribute to our Gluten Free Club and submit what worked for you. This would be very helpful to others.

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