Could Mercury Poisoning Be The Cause Of Crohn's Disease Or Other Autoimmune Diseases?

Mercury poisoning and amalgam toxicity. Best ways to deal with heavy metal poisoning.

So, if mercury toxicity is being questioned as one of the possible causes of Crohn's disease, do we try mercury detox?

I had a pretty terrible flare up of Crohns disease and started surfing the internet about all possible causes of this disease.

Then, I found an article about mercury poisoning. This document had limited information about amalgam toxicity, mercury fillings and mercury detoxification.

To learn more, I gathered a lot of literature about mercury toxicity. Many documents claimed that mercury fillings can poison the body due to mercury leaching into the digestive system causing Crohn's disease or many other autoimmune disorders.

The side effects of mercury toxicity could be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. Since mercury is extremely difficult to eliminate from our system and very toxic, I realized that these claims may be true. And I got happy, well maybe not happy yet, but very hopeful because if I got rid of these mercury fillings I could leave Crohn's disease behind.

Mercury Poisoning Signs And Symptoms:

  • Muscle weakness.
  • Difficulty talking, hearing, writing or walking.
  • “Pins and needles” or tingling in the fingers or toes.
  • Memory loss
  • Skin rashes
  • Changes in mood or mental changes

These are signs and symptoms of serious and acute mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning usually won’t get this severe from mercury amalgams seeping slowly into the body. It takes time to have a negative effect on the body and cause amalgam illness. This time varies depending on each individual person.

I decided to go through with the dental procedure of removing every single one of my silver mercury amalgam because the information seemed credible. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the studies which were scientifically supported. In fact, my former dentist was quite upset when I explained my concern. He told me that the Dental Association was denying any claims that mercury can possibly cause autoimmune disorders like Crohns disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzeimer’s, etc.

I found another dentist who was specialized in mercury detoxification after amalgam toxicity, as he claimed. He called himself a holistic dentist, an "expert" in mercury poisoning. A lot of the tests he performed and charged me for were unnecessary, as I realize it later. For example, there is no point to do a mercury vapor test if I was definitely sure that I want to remove mercury amalgam. Anyway, I was mercury-free at last. I did not feel better immediately but slowly my condition was improving. And of course, I have a different biological dentist now.

Then, I found a great medical doctor who practices non-traditional medicine that helped me put the pieces together on this mercury poisoning vs. autoimmune diseases issue.

She knew a great deal about mercury posoning, mercury detoxification and heavy metal poisoning. She also explained that people with silver sensitivity may experience some serious side effects from mercury fillings like silver poisoning.

The amalgam illness from mercury amalgams can be due to the components of silver fillings besides mercury and silver. The amalgam illness can be due to any other metal added to the filling if you are sensitive to it.

First thing, a heavy metal test needs to be done. It can be a blood test. But mercury toxicity gets inside the tissues, joints, etc. So the result might not be very accurate right away. In fact, before the mercury detoxification treatment like heavy metal cleanse, mercury blood levels may be normal. But then heavy metal cleanse products pull mercury out of the cells, tissues and joints into the blood stream to eliminate it from your body. At the time when detox products are starting to work, the mercury levels in your blood test may rise. There are also mercury tests available for saliva and hair analysis.

Just as it’s important to remove the mercury fillings, it’s also important to consume a limited amount of fish weekly, especially tuna. Mercury toxicity was a hot topic recently when a famous actor was found very ill after eating a lot of fish. Maybe some people in Hollywood found it a joke but I completely understand him.

You know how polluted is your body?

You may have environmental and heavy metal toxins build ups in your blood, tissues abd bones.

What dangers lurk inside your body?

Do you want to detoxify your body with a well-researched green food-based formula?

Do you want to eliminate the toxins trapped in your system?

Learn about this great detox cleanse for heavy metals.

I personally changed all my pots and pens to this great line of cookware. I was pleased to see my next labwork. I don't need to be worried that the food I cook is full of heavy metals.

Great Tips For Mercury Detoxification After Chronic Heavy Metal Poisoning:

  • You should consider trying heavy metal chelation as a chelation treatment.
  • Then you should consider adding natural products to detoxify the body. The examples of mercury poisoning detoxes would be products like zeolite or great quiality colon cleanses, etc.

  • Since mercury poisoning can cause an imbalance in the GI flora, consider adding probiotics and natural products for Candida overgrowth. The examples of those would be natural products containing caprylic acid, goldthread, calcium, magnesium, and Paud'Arco.

  • Drink plenty of water (filtered) to help flush out the heavy metals from your body.

  • Please, consider changing your diet as it aids in repairing your digestive system.

  • As my acupuncturist recommended, consider changing your sleeping habits to at least 6 hours a day from 10pm to 4am, which is the best time for liver cleansing.

  • A very important factor in getting well is exercise. Please try to walk and/or jump on a rebounder, which circulates the blood and cleanses the lymph system.

  • Oral health is very important in overall digestive health and for Crohn's patients. Crohn's diseaseaffects the digestive system anywhere from the mouth to the anus. Please, consider seeing your dentist regularly to prevent strep infections which Crohn's disease patients may be more susceptible to.

When suspecting acute mercury poisoning, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Natural mercury detoxification supplements will take time to work. But a lot of people feel an improvement in their health after using these products.

I wish you great health!

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