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Aug 17, 2011
Reply to marihuana question
by: Inna

I didn't see relevant studies that would let me answer this question with confidence.

I wouldn't recommend it, just in case the effects of smoking marijuana could potentially interfere with anesthesia. It could possibly make side effects related to sedation worse. Or maybe even worse; increase chances of coma after anesthesia.

If you are very stressed out about the procedure then ask your doctor for a prescription medication that would help and won't ineract with anesthesia.

If you are concerned with cramping or bloating and pain then consider asking your doctor for anti-spasmodic medication to take after the colonoscopy procedure; in case you have those spasm pains. Only for as needed use.

I wish you a successful procedure!

Sep 06, 2011
As a Crohns Patient and Nurse...
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend smoking pot prior to colonoscopy due to the use of sedative medication and pain medication. If you are feeling anxious let your doctor know and he may rx you something to help you relax prior to the procedure. I have nothing against marijuana use, i would just be concerned about drug interactions considering the level of sedation needed to complete the colonoscopy.
Good Luck, just smoke it when you're all done:-)

Sep 28, 2011
No problem!
by: PaulH

Hi, I have had Crohn's Disease all my life. I have also had, probably over 100 colonoscopies.
Almost half of those at least, I was under the influence of Marijuana.
It is NOT a harmful drug. It does NOT interact with the sedatives OR anaesthesia (I also get stoned before surgery, even major 9 hour surgery!) I never died or suffered adverse effects yet.
Hope that helps.

Oct 14, 2011
by: Squatster

Hey all you sufferers! Get your Crohn's-free life back! I did it.
How? Get ready to read...
Basically, Western society is prone to colonic and intestinal ailments, unless you break the chain and change what you have been doing since your parents forced you into sitting on the potty.
DO this and never look back.

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