Living With Ulcerative Colitis? Pay Attention!

Living With Ulcerative Colitis. Tips For Those Living With Colitis. Are There Cures For Colitis? Learn Here To Live Symptom Free.

Living With Ulcerative Colitis? Living With Colitis? What does it mean for you?

Do you live with ulcerative colitis symptoms like rectal bleeding, rectal pain, abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss, etc?

Do you often wish that one day you will wake up form this bad dream and get magically better? Well, hoping and believing is important but getting proactive and getting involved with your health is the key to health.

I was originally misdiagnosed with ulcerative colitis before getting my Crohn’s disease diagnosis. The confusing part or a missing link for my doctor was lack of systemic symptoms. After I was correctly diagnosed with Crohns disease I honestly didn’t care what diagnosis it was at that point. I was so sick, I didn’t care what it’s called. I just wanted to get better, MUCH better.

As most of you and as a pharmacist, I thought that colitis medications would be the final answer for me. But that didn’t happen. And if you completely believe in medications and totally happy with your conventional treatments then do not continue reading this page.

But if you are still reading that means that you have experienced some side effects like I did. Or you experienced worsening of your condition with your current ulcerative colitis treatment just I did. Or maybe you just want to improve your health because you believe that you deserve to feel better? Great, I am with you.

I have read so many studies on ulcerative colitis medications and I am so thankful for all the advances in our medicine. But I am also concerned that conventional medicine approach never incorporated natural and alternative methods. Yes, I am a pharmacist that also believes in holistic health. That’s why I did not stop researching until I found the solution.

I started studying Functional Medicine and also became a Functional Medicine Practitioner. And I am able to help many, many patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other chronic diseases. And in the end of the day I feel happy because I am trying to actually help people feel better through lab based protocols and real knowledge based and research based consultations. Functional Medicine is a greatly researched method of healing.

Living With Ulcerative Colitis: What did living with ulcerative colitis mean for you? Pain, embarrassment, depression, loss of wages, loss of interest, etc, etc… I know what living with colitis meant to me. I think that most people can live healthier lives. You can do this.

And you know what living with ulcerative colitis can mean for you? You can feel better. There are more and more conventional treatment options for ulcerative colitis. And there are holistic and alternative options for you. You can combine holistic with traditional medicine or you can go with either one. Your choice.

Are there any cures for colitis? It depends… As far as conventional medicine goes there are no known cures for colitis. But would you consider staying symptom free as being cured? Then, yes you can cure it. All you need to find out the real cause of YOUR colitis. Is that possible? With Functional Medicine it may be possible.

Living with Crohns disease or living with ulcerative colitis, these tips would apply to you.

Tips For Chronic Ulcerative Colitis Patients:

Living With Ulcerative Colitis: The key for chronic ulcerative colitis is to keep inflammation down.

  • Watch your diet. Try to keep anti inflammatory diet.
  • Drink filtered or spring water.
  • Move and stretch as much as your body allows you. Move that lymph to prevent stagnation and problems later on.
  • Rest and get enough sleep. 10pm to 6am is best.
  • Give your liver some support with herbs and take nutritional supplements for immune system.

Tips For Acute Ulcerative Colitis Patients:

Living With Ulcerative Colitis: The key for acute ulcerative colitis patients is to cool down that inflammation as soon as possible.

  • Stay away from inflammatory foods like eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.
  • Eat small portions but more often. Go with anti inflammatory diet.
  • Drink lots of fluids, herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint and rose hip tea.
  • Take natural anti-inflammatory supplements and digestive support supplements with Zinc.
  • Take digestive enzymes with most of your meals, especially difficult to digest proteins. Stay away from digestive enzymes if your ulcerative colitis case has active open ulcers.
  • Take multivitamins. It’s very important to fill those nutritional gaps since you probably cannot absorb many nutrients. Look for reputable brands. Best if it’s great quality, organic liquid multivitamin.

Functional Medicine approach helped many, many patients. It works because it gets to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. I am qualified Functional Medicine practitioner that can help you not just because I helped myself but also because I helped others.

I always enjoyed practicing as a pharmacist. But it became my passion in the recent years to practice Functional Medicine because it works. It may be a slower process to heal for some than for others but the success rate is phenomenal.

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I wish you great health. Living with ulcerative colitis can absolutely be living symptom free. But you have to get proactive.

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