Living with this Crohns disease and no insurance !!!

by Cheyan

In january of 2012 I was formerly diagnosed with crohns witch at the time i had insurance sence i was still 17 now im 18 and forced to move to texas no longer having insurance in march of 2012 i had a surgery removing 5 inches of my small intestine due to bleeding/infected intestine with a abcess also in 2010 i had my appendix removed witch is when they first suspected i had crohns my older sister also has it but is healthy but i just cant seem to catch a break im currently on 6mp have been on steroids flagyl pentassa asacol cipro none really working in the past i dont really know what to do insurance wise im in to much pain to really work right now till i can get my crohns under control i just would like some kind of piece of mind did any of this happen to anyone else and if so what did you end up doing to get on insurance please help me !!!!

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Oct 24, 2017

by: Inna

I won't be able to advise here, but will let others comment with their suggestions.

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