Living with Crohn's Story

by Emily Louise

I have Crohn's and receive regular Humira injections every other week. I feel trapped by this routine.

My question lies with the issue of traveling.

I've always wanted to travel and drive cross-country but I feel tied down by my disease.

I want to know if there is anyone who lives like this? Traveling all the time with no single residence. It’s what I've dreamed of since I was little and doesn't seem possible anymore.

Being stuck in one place to always have to have a residence to get my medicine or even worry about prescriptions is not how I want to live. Is there anyone with advice or can speak from experience of the lifestyle I so selfishly seek against my health's will?

Comments from Inna:

Dear Emily Louise,

I want to thank you for this submission. I get very similar submissions often and I would love to have you maybe stop, breathe and think for a second.

What is it like living with Crohn’s and staying happy?

Your health’s will is your will. There should be harmony within you. And you can make it happen because you deserve it.

Once you realize that you control your wishes and you wish to stay healthy; your health’s will becomes your will. This is not some kind of inspirational phrase; it’s real.

Many of my readers travel with Crohn’s. Many of them don’t even remember what Crohn’s symptoms were like. They took a proactive role, some chose natural healing methods, other chose self-help methods, most changed their diet, mediated, some used tapping methods, used hypnotherapists, and so much more with my program.

What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. But you know how to push your own buttons and you know what will work for you.

Knowing exactly what you want in life is amazing, it's a blessing; like you, for example, want to travel. You are lucky because most people don’t even know what they want from life the whole, entire life and die unhappy.

Since you know what you want, since you know what will make you happy, you are already one step forward to getting there. Just stop doubting, stop being scared and figure out what you need to get there, WITHOUT negative thoughts.

Just think about how happy and healthy you are going to be traveling, no other thoughts should go into your head. Keep on thinking about it and imagining it, in full details all the time. You will see how fast you will get there.

“I feel tied down by my disease”. Do you want to feel tied down by your disease? If, not then untie it…

“I feel trapped by this routine” Who trapped you into this routine?…If no one, then untrapp yourself…

Many, probably most Crohn’s disease patients are smart, type A personalities, overachievers, or just achievers but over thinkers. Not a scientifically proven fact, but I’ve helped many Crohn’s patients and noticed it almost right away.

That’s why a part of my healing program is mind-body connection on a different level via relaxation methods, breathing exercises, Yoga, mediations, tapping methods and many others.

Once you calm your mind and find harmony within your body and mind, your health flows through you with a great life force. I do believe that my Functional medicine method consultations along with that are extremely important natural approach to Crohn’s disease. That’s why the success rate is so high with a compliant patient. Of course, don’t underestimate the power of my Functional method labs and that the results with proper natural treatments can change someone’s life.

There’s so much you can do for yourself if you stay or don’t stay with traditional medicine, too. I believe you already made a first step:)
No charge for therapy today:)

I wish you all the best, Inna

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