Katie Couric colonoscopy...This really made headlines. How clear was the message?

Katie Couric colonoscopy. How to find your colonoscopy alternative.

Katie Couric colon test…. Wait a little before running out for your scheduled colonoscopy.

Katie Couric colonoscopy… Many people watched it on TV. Many people heard about it.

A famous TV/news reporter decided to show the world her colonoscopy procedure on national, live television.

She claimed that she did this because her husband died from colon cancer and it was her duty to educate people about this procedure.

Katie Couric took her colon exam very seriously. She took her colonoscopy laxatives and prepared herself for colonoscopy procedure like any one of us.

Note, she did not get benzodiazepine as a sedative. She was up the whole time. Does your gastroenterologist give you the option to stay awake during colonoscopy? Most doctors won't. There are plenty of reasons for that...

Katie Couric Colonoscopy Video.

Her message was pretty straight forward: colonoscopy saves lives. She showed how simple the procedure was and what great results she had. I am sure that Katie Couric meant well. This seemed very personal and emotional for her. But she is not a doctor. She is not a health professional.

Katie Couric is able to convince millions of viewers that they need to go get that colonoscopy today because she is very charismatic and this is personal for her.

I am not arguing the fact that a colonoscopy procedure needs to be performed in many cases. But should everyone run out and get one now? It’s a big question…

A colonoscopy is usually performed to investigate rectal bleeding, bowel obstruction and unexplained abdominal pain. But sometimes this test is ordered as a preventative measure or for screening purposes for certain patients with previous history of polyps or colon cancer. This was exactly the message from Katie Couric colonoscopy “show” to go "get yours today".

A colonoscopy is also ordered for patients with a family history of cancers or other colon diseases on a periodic basis, for example, yearly. But, there were a few large studies in very respectable medical journals like The New England Journal of Medicine and Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology which evaluated the outcome of this procedure in helping to prevent colon cancer. The studies compared patients that did and patients that did not undergo the colonoscopy procedure. And you know what? The results suggest an hardly any difference between both groups in preventing colon cancer.

Katie Couric colonoscopy...So, do we still think that colonoscopy saves lives? This procedure, itself, may have its own risks like bleeding, coma, etc. After looking over these studies I am not sure if there is a need for everyone to run out and get it. What does this mean? That means you should start questioning if your next scheduled colonoscopy is really necessary, especially if it’s for preventative measures.

If this procedure was ordered for other reasons like onset of intestinal bleeding, acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea abnormality on the X-ray or CT scan, etc., there should not be any doubt that it is necessary.

View A Colonoscopy Many Crohn's disease patients and other patients want to learn more and view the colonoscopy.

Katie Couric Colonoscopy.... But Is There A Colonoscopy Alternative?

With all this information reviewed you will probably ask: "How do you find another option? What would be a good colonoscopy alternative?" I am not going to discuss camera-pills or imaging tests here. I would say that a colonoscopy alternative would be constipation prevention and healthy digestive system.
Constipation would be defined as having less than two bowel movements a week according to traditional medicine. But it is really less than one to two bowel movements a day according to holistic and more natural approach.

Having normal bowel movements would prevent most of us from having symptoms which make your doctor order colonoscopies. And I am not saying to go get over the counter laxatives. I am recommending to repair your digestive tract. Most health problems start from a disfunctining digestive system.

5 Tips For Great Digestive Health.

  1. Get plenty of sleep.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Eat healthy for your own metabolic type.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Get plenty vitamin D (15 minutes of natural daily sunlight is best).

Katie Couric colonoscopy… This was educational to many people and very beneficial to many doctors. I wonder if this “awareness” decreased the numbers of newly diagnosed patients with colon cancer?...

I wish you all great health and a lot of patience to be able to question some of that "convincing" information!

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