Just Diagnosed With Crohns

by Pabu

Hello all,

I've just been diagnosed with Crohn’s (ileitis) after a colonoscopy.

There's no inflammation but there are "Multiple aphthous like ulcers at the terminal ileum and nodular". They also found I have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach).

Does this mean I have Crohns or could it be something else?

The reason I ask is because a lot of my symptoms don't seem to match those that I've read about. For example I don't have "flare ups" or feel the need to rush to the toilet constantly and there are no pains below my stomach.

I get bloated and nauseous after eating sometimes for hours and most of my pain is in my stomach nowhere else. This has continued for a year now with no remission period and I've lost a lot of weight.

Has anybody else had these symptoms only and been diagnosed with crohns or something else? Any ideas welcome.

Comments from Inna:

Hello Pabu,

There are plenty of Crohns disease patients that don’t have common symptoms. If you don’t experience those common symptoms but your doctors insist that you have Crohn’s; it’s pretty clear that you have Crohn’s according to their current diagnostic parameters.

The thing about Crohn’s in general; it can be pretty hard to understand since this disease doesn’t have a known cause and this disease doesn’t have a known cure.

It’s kind of difficult to make yourself believe that you have the disease without much known basic ground to traditional medicine practitioners. But they certainly know how to diagnose it. They can’t cure it or can’t figure out
where it comes from but they really know that if it looks like that and it walks like that it must be Crohn’s disease.

I work with many Crohn’s disease patients and I work with from a holistic and alternative perspective. I believe in it and it proved to be effective.

At some point of the disease progression, it becomes completely up to the patient whether he or she wants nothing to go with alternative ways and they only choose their medications. Ok, that’s great, if it works for you. For some, it’s just easier to pop the pill and get on with their day. But what happens when you don’t get better with those pills or infusions? Still want to continue traditional route? Ok, no problem.

So if you ever want to get to the root cause of your health problem and if you truly want to get better, you can schedule an appointment with me for a consultation on the phone or via Skype.
Since you already know you have inflammation why don’t you start with Anti-inflammatory diet. You can try some DigestZymes to get those difficult to digest proteins and carbs absorbed easier. Try some Probiotics to bring your flora back to harmony. You can also do some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, Yoga, meditation or even Tapping technique which can also be effective. Most of the time you can do all this on top of your traditional medication treatments and medications, if you choose to do so.

I wish you great health!

You can contact me at 1-800-557-8039 to schedule an appointment.

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