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Jul 13, 2010
Reply To Joint Pain And Stiffness After Crohn's Surgery.
by: Inna

Hello Lynn,

Thank you so much for your question,

Many things associated with surgery can contribute to further joint pain and stiffness. I have seen cases where patients were given medication for arthritis and joint pain and later experienced worse stiffness. It's not impossible.

I completely understand how uncomfortable you are reading about the side effects of all these new medications.

It's wonderful that you actually trying to be involved in the process of selecting medications for you. So many people rely completely on doctors to make that decision for them. I think that traditional medicine is great, don't get me wrong. But medical professionals are so busy nowdays and sometimes it's better to remind that doctor or a nurse or me a pharmacist that you have an allergy to something, or had your hemoglobin really low at one point.

It's great that you are on gluten free, soy free and dairy free diet. Good start. If you can get your hands on raw dairy, it may be worth a try. Some Crohn's patients are very happy drinking raw cows or even better raw goat's milk. If can't get it, stay off dairy completely. Good.

The fact that alternative supplements didn't help was probably due to two things. One, you have a severe case that takes a very long time to treat holistically. Two, you probably did not Functional Medicine approach to alternative medicine. Yes, it takes time to heal. Yes, some patients feel even worse at some point before they get much better (detoxification period). But Functional Medicine clients that stuck with the program till the end all got tremendously better.

If you want to learn about this method and/or make an appointment with me on the phone or via Skype, contact me on my CONTACT US page.

I do see patients in New Jersey, by the way.

All the best to you.

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