Janet's Journey

by Janet
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Hello, I have had Crohns since I was 19, diagnosed at age 21 and am now 46.

My journey started out rough, after having been diagnosed only a month, I needed emergency surgery to find out what the problem was, later found out it was unnecessary as they took my appendix and nothing else, when they should have done a resection at the time. Had a really bad reaction to Flagyl and didn't tolerate the lipids or travasol very well.

Had been on steroids for most of the 1980's and into the early 1990's

Plus within 3 months had an ileocecal resection and three months later had it revised with stricture plasty.

Then there was a sphincterotomy, more surgeries etc.
7 years ago, I was in hospital for another resection, all went well until 3 days later when my bower perforated at the anastomosis. Rushed into surgery for over 12 hours, then to ICU where upon my body became septic and was on life support for two weeks, with a partialy open incision, and an ileostomy. Plus 4 abscesses on bowels.feeding tube, oxygen etc!!!

After I came out of the coma I stayed in ICU for another few days and then transferred to the step-down unit and then to a regular room. Incision continued to drain profusely so they opened my incision again, kept it open and had me hooked up to a pump to drain the infection from incision, not to mention a drainage bag from
abscesses. The pump, well, the wound was packed with a wad like material, some kind of foam stuff with a part for the hose pupm to connet to, then what looked like plastic wrap over all thet and then the pump was turned on and I swear it looked and felt like I had been vacuum packed lol lol

Had to learn to walk again etc. The ileostomy was supposed to be temporary for just a few months, but because of more problems, electrolyte imbalance, very low blood pressure racing heart beat, I spent more time in and out of hospital, the result of the electrolyte imbalance caused severe muscle cramping in every muscle you can think to to the point that at times my body was contorted in to some pretty nasty shapes lol

So, finaly after two years, the ileostomy was gone, simple surgery and no more bag!!!! Since then,I have good days and bad days, but the sepesis left my lungs slightly damaged. It's a small price to pay to still be alive. There are many more details to this story but far too long and some are repeatative to a degree. So I'll end the story here.

Good luck to all of you!!!! And I wish you good health.

Forgot to mention that I have a nasty scar from the incision having been left open, It started in May and did not completely close till October, also have clubbing of finger and toe nails.

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Aug 22, 2010
Reply To Janet's Journey With Crohn's
by: Inna

Hello Janet,

I would like to thank you so much for sharing your story with me and my readers.

Best, Inna

Aug 24, 2010
Thank you Janet
by: Nikky

Thank you Janet for sharing such a personal journey with all of us. I think that you have a strong wish of living since you are still with us with such a great sense of humor.

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