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May 07, 2011
Reply to pediatric Crohn's nutrition
by: Inna

Hello Debbie,

I want to thank you for this question. Many people have similar issues with their kids that have Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS and Celiac disease.

You are very wise to look for ways to decrease her inflammation.

She is hungry because the body is starving for the right nutrition and it's partially up to you to help her get there. You are right, not much is available there.

It's important to get great quality protein supplements without unwanted ingredients.

But the area of concern is the absorption of the food and/or protein supplements.

You really need to make sure that not only the protein supplement has great ingredients and sources but also it has to be able to be absorbed by the gut.

The following are great supplements for young Crohn's patient that have great absorption by the gut:

PaleoMeal Dairy Free Protein Powder Wonderful protein powder that I use. Great nutrition.

WheyCool Protein Supplement supplement that raises glutathione levels which is beneficial for Crohn's.

Cocommune Bars Colostrum supplement, very good for Crohn's.

MCT Colada Great supplement to improve weight and malabsorption.

I can help your daughter with chronic inflammation. You can call my office to make an appointment. I've helped many cases like this.


Best, Inna

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