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Feb 02, 2011
Reply to IBS vs. Crohns question
by: Inna

Hello Susan,

It is possible to have diarrhea with IBS.

But in your case it is probably something new.

This new onset of diarrhea could be viral, but then it wouldn't last too long.

It could also be that you picked up a new bug like bacteria or virus. In this case, before going for another colonoscopy consider asking your doctor for a stool test done by a vey reputable company.

Or submit your request on my contact pages and I'll send you a home kit for stool testing from a great company.

You could have bacterial colitis or a new onset of Crohn's disease. Again, the stool test would show us which bug was the cause.

Another possibility could be disbacteriosis. Then you would need a massive dose of two different probiotics like Floramyces and Probiotics Supreme.

The last thing this could be severe Candida overgrowth.

But I would be betting on a new bug.

Read about Functional Medicine and we could schedule an appointment on the phone or via Skype.

All the best to you

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