I Want To Stop Treatment ????????????

by Lynsey

I am 11 weeks pregnant after 8 year of trying.

And only was told I had Crohns in Sept 2011 and been on steroids since then.

I want to stop taking them as every time my dose is lowered the Crohns kicks in again.

Anyone else stopped treatment what are the risks?

Comments from Inna:

Hello Lynsey,

Thank you for sharing with us at this very sensitive time of your life.

You won’t believe how many people asked me or my readers the same question. Many of these Crohn’s patients were also pregnant and on Crohn’s medications.

Most doctors/gastroenterologist would likely recommend staying on medications throughout pregnancy; of course depending on what type of medications.

The thinking behind here is that he benefits of medications would outweigh the risks of medication hurting the baby.

For your doctor it’s all about statistics and studies. For you it’s all about not feeling sick or not get the baby harmed with medication side effects.

For your doctor it’s the numbers and you don’t want the baby to have side effects even if it’s a one percent chance. What if it’s your baby that falls into that one percent?

Being pregnant is such a special time in a woman’s life and what concerns me the most is that unfortunately most of the people in the medical industry are not realizing what they are doing on a emotional level. What harm they can do by just saying “cold, standard words” to patients.

These professionals could be missing those “sensitivity chips”.

I know that many people don’t recognize their own body mind connection yet. People are not there yet to be able to control their feelings, their anger, and their emotions. People don’t realize that so many times they make themselves sick with worry, anger, fear and other negative emotions.

Pregnant woman should be treated like a queen, to my opinion. And that’s not just because I am a woman. And that’s not because I was pregnant and know how I felt. It is simply for the respect of NEW LIFE.

Whenever you upset a pregnant woman a large cascade of emotions flow and the hormones are bombarding that brain… And
in the end that can somehow affect the baby. Any health professional; starting with a doctor and to the secretary in that obg/gyn or gastro office should be respectful of a new life and WATCH every word they say to the pregnant patient.

Gastroenterologist should think twice before saying something that the pregnant patient will cry about for weeks and weeks later. Enough of that nonsense…

I would not be able to tell you it’s Ok to stop your medication. It’s illegal for me to do that. And all my comments on this site are non-patient specific. Legalities…

As a human being, as a Crohns patient that was pregnant twice I know how I personally felt. I wish I could trust my gut more then. I wish I could go back in time and I could question every medication, every infusion, every IV, every steroid tablet, that induction medication and every vaccine I received from doctors at that time. If I knew then what I know now I don’t think I would allow myself to be a puppet of a large industry. But enough of me… and enough of the past…

This is your time, this is now, and it’s an amazing, beautiful time for you. Being pregnant is special and magical. Cherish it, enjoy it and only think good thoughts.

That’s most important for you and the baby. Thoughts are transitioned onto emotions. Temper and emotions can dictate your health. You want to be peaceful and happy. I’m sorry I can’t make a recommendation to stop or not to stop your Crohn’s medcaition but I can certainly say that prenatal Yoga does great things for the pregnant body and pregnant mind. Namaste :-)

If you are taking prenatal vitamins make sure your brand has new and updated formulation of Folate. Older prenatal vitamins had Folic acid that is associated with health problems. If you are not sure what type of prenatal you use or want to order prenatal vitamins that are so superior to others, let me know via Contact Us form.

Stay strong, stay happy and cherish every minutes of your pregnancy.

I wish you the greatest health and a super healthy baby!

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