HyperImmune Egg Is The Answer to Chronic Inflammation.

Hyperimmune Egg for Crohns and other AutoImmune Disease.

There are so many great supplements I recommend to my patients. Most of the time the products depend on the results of the Functional lab testing. But sometimes some patients prefer to start with only one product for more than one reason. Some don’t like to take many different supplements, some have a budget for their supplements and others just want to make things easy.

So naturally, I often asked what single product would be recommended for autoimmune disease, like Crohn’s disease.


And I don’t hesitate to say that I26 hyperimmune egg is such a great single choice to regulate immune system. It works to balance the immune system, not just to cool down the over reactive immune system response. It doesn’t just give immune system the boost; I26 hyperimmune egg does modulating of the immunity.

Immune 26 works directly on chronic inflammation without the side effects of serious medications like NSAIDs or very potent biologicals. By the way, I26 can be taken with most of the medications.

What do cancer, Crohn’s disease, diabetes and obesity have in common?

Yes, CHRONIC INFLAMMATION - The Silent Killer! Almost every major health challenge known today has one thing in common... underlying chronic inflammation. When you're suffering today with serious health challenges, like Crohn’s chances are, inflammation is an underlying cause. Even aging is accelerated!

So what's the answer to taming chronic inflammation? Look to balance for your immune system. There is a safe, developed, non-prescription technology, listed in the Physician's Desk Reference, called Hyperimmune Egg specifically designed to partner with your immune system and help maintain appropriate balance for optimal health. i26® has also recently been NSF Certified®.

i26® is NOT a drug - No need for a prescription!

Immune 26® does not treat or cure specific diseases - rather, it simply supports a balanced response within immune function. Many health professionals do use and recommend i26® products, practicing "well care" instead of "sick care".

A superfood that acts like a mega-vitamin for your immune system - that's what i26® really is!

In the healthy person there is a delicately balanced immune system. Just the right amount of immune response is triggered to repel an infection or heal a wound, and just enough of the system is involved to stop a response. A properly balanced immune response, does not "over respond" or "under respond". When properly functioning the right number and types of white blood cells and immune factors are involved to meet and resolve the challenge.

Imbalances of our white blood cells and immune factors result in immune disorders such as autoimmunity, like Crohn’s disease and allergies (overactivity) or susceptibility to infection and cancer (underactivity).


Overactive Immune Responses.

Overactive immune systems may lead to conditions such as allergies or autoimmune conditions. Crohn’s disease is the result of an "over reaction" of the immune system with unknown origin.

Autoimmune responses are the result of overactivity of immune components and occur when the immune system confuses self with non-self and attacks its own tissues and cells. Autoimmune conditions, such as Crohns, colitis, Celiac disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, insulin-dependent diabetes, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc., are typically treated with drugs that suppress one's immune response.

Immune system is pretty complex. Balancing it is the key to fixing many health problems. With I26 you would be able to get that balance; just like you would get your passive immunity from your mother’s breast milk.

Best of health to you!

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