Hyper acidity in stool?

by Welbon KB
(Kampala Uganda)

With all due respect to the emminent researchers in chrohns/IBD fields, How have they tackled the issue of reducing the excess production of acid in the lower gut? I mean the high concetration of acid in the stool and gas emmissions.

Am a sufferer and have been for the last 30yrs been operated twice. Am 56 now. One time when travelling in a friend's rickety vehicle, I inadvertly released a gas emmission withought warning. My friend stopped the vehicle and proceeded to check the battery caps for leakage. He was sure the smell in the vehicle was caused by the escaping acid from his battery.
The point here is: What happens to one if the acid producing glands are made to reduce/stop production? What causative factors are responsible for this hyper production?
What am I to suffer if those glands are surgically removed?
I shall gladly welcome all/any reply regarding these humble queries.

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