How Do I Know When It Will Strike?

by Kathi

How do I know when it will strike?

This is the biggest question I have when I eat something. I haven't figured out any way to tell what the product is even going to be that starts the downslide.

I can't narrow it down to say, wheat or gluten, dairy or whatever? Most of the time I am just fine. Then I will eat something, could be a couple of bites or it could be a regular meal and it's like all he-- breaks lose in my digestive system.

The cramping, diarrhea, gas, bloating and all of the usual stuff that goes with it. For several hours you pretty much live in the bathroom it seems. And then for the next day or so, the stomach is so sensitive you can't even figure out what to give it.

Everyone tells me to just let it rest and don't give it anything. But I don't even get that luxury. I am a diabetic. Needless to say, my blood sugars are dependent on a consistent routine of foods being offered to my system.

So if anyone else can tell me what is going on, or if they've been through anything like this, I sure would appreciate a heads-up on what you have tried to do to salvage your digestive system.

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Jan 03, 2011
Reply to your question.
by: Inna

Hello Kathi and thank you for your question.

Well, the best thing to do for you at this point is to try a rotation diet. That means you have to rotate your food list and not eat the same food for four full days. This way you may be able to recognize what food is causing a problem.

There is also an elimination diet where you eliminate all foods and restart one by one.

But you should really consider gluten free diet for at least three months in order for the immune system to recuperate. Also consider a change from pasteurized dairy to raw dairy. Many chronic disease patients have seen improvements with raw dairy.

But something that is EVEN BETTER that all these diets is testing for food allergies. Please, contact me and I will send you a home test kit. You can do it at the privacy of your own home, and then send out to a state of the art laboratory. You and I will both get the results and I will explain them all to you.

Best of health to you!

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