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Mar 12, 2011
Reply to Hemorrhoid Symptoms
by: Inna

Thank you Gary for your question,

The simplest way to know that your hemorrhoid symptoms are improving is to compare how you felt before to how you are feeling now, today.

You would really notice tremendous improvements and you probably wouldn't even need to question it.

It's great that you following to your doctor's recommendations. There are few things you would probably want to check. Please, consider checking yourself for food allergies.

If you have certain food intolerance no matter how much you going to treat that hemorrhoid you would still have gastrointestinal problems which may end up as hemorrhoid symptoms.

Also, you would want to make sure that you drink lots of good quality, filtered water.

If you schedule an appointment with me we can figure out the root cause of your problem. When the original cause is taken care of your chronic gastrointestinal symptoms will disappear.

And yes, many patients feel improvements after using organic apple cider vinegar in right proportion.

Best, Inna

Mar 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello and I have to tell you that natural medicine helped me with hemorrhoids more than two doctors I was seeing.....

I believe in natural stuff now!!!

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