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Jun 10, 2011
Reply to Crohn's hope
by: Inna

Hello Wendy,

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I absolutely love this picture of your girls. They are gorgeous!!

This is very inspirational for young and adults. I am so happy that the medicine worked for you without the side effects. That is really great.
Unfortunately, it's not the case always. Many Crohn's patients have serious side effects with any of the medication from biological class.

I want to wish you to always stay in remission and enjoy every wonderful day with your beautiful girls.

Best, Inna

Jun 13, 2011
by: Wendy Bauer

Thank you very much!

Oct 31, 2011
by: Mrs. CR

That is a great story, but everyone please use Caution with regard to Remicaid! Remicaid may seem to be the answer as your GI will tell you, but it is NOT! It is more harmful to your body than you can imagine! Remicaid is full of toxins and poisons and will eventually destroy your immune system but during its use you won't think that!

My diagnosis of Crohns 6 years ago at age 41 was a wakeup call. The pain drove me to research ALTERNATIVES to medicine, and furthermore to anything opposite of what my GI would prescribe me.

I am CURED of Crohn's now due to my complete overhaul of consuming LIVING FOODS (RAW VEGS/FRUITS), NO SUGAR, IONIZED/ALKALINE WATER, STRESS ELIMINATION, AND FISH OIL w/VIT. D, AND BIOFLAVONOIDS w/VIT. C! Perhaps the biggest change came from taking high doses of ALOE VERA w/L-Glutamine.(not just any Aloe Vera from the vitamin stores). This is a particular AE I've found online which is INTRACELLULAR! I now experience NO PAIN, GAS, BLOAT, like I did EVERYDAY for years!! Very expensive, but it is HEALING, unlike Remicaid and all the other DRUGS -which do NOT HEAL, they insult your body further!!
While the story is spectacular about the woman who had twins later in life and was on Remicaid, etc., she is perhaps the exception to the rule!!

Comments from Inna:

I really appreciate passionate people and passionate responses. I know myself that the class of biological such as Remicade has many side effects and chances for anaphylactic reactions. But you know what; some of my readers are not even interested in learning about holistic approach. They want ONLY medicine. And they ONLY trust doctors. We have to respect everyone’s opinion.

I do believe in holistic approach and strongly believe in eating organic and raw foods, avoiding sugar, taking appropriate natural supplements for an individual, etc.

What I don’t do is give one recommendation to all. Everyone is different and everyone needs an individual approach. Yes, some common supplements will repeat and some common recommendations will repeat but NOT everything you are mentioning will agree with all patients. That’s why I give test home kits, do individual assessment and only then recommend natural supplements for that person.

Cure is a strong word for Crohn’s disease, especially which we don’t even know what causes. By definition you need to get rid of the cause to cure something….but we don’t know the cause…..

Feb 27, 2012
I have NO more Crohn's symptoms!
by: DebMom

Hi. Like many of you, I had symptoms of Crohn's for 18 years before I was diagnosed!

I had a biopsy at one point; however, they did not go far enough to get it from the small intestine, to determine I had Crohn's Disease.

I took a lot of Motrin every day for the pain in my joints and abdomen (which only makes Crohn's worse). The Motrin caused me to develop ulcers throughout my small and large intestines, nearly causing me to bleed to death.

I was in intensive care for 6 days. I was diagnosed at that time and began an 8 year journey that really helped by using a prescription drug, Pentasa. I had to take 4 pills, 4 times a day! I have been concerned what all this medication would do to my liver, when I did a lot of research, and have found something that has totally rid me of any prescription medication!!

First, I found that if part of the cause of Crohn's, for me, is a buildup of yeast in my intestines, I should take garlic. I used the brand of odorless garlic, 50 mg, and each night for a month. I was able to then cut my medication in half. Then somebody told me about clinical research that has helped relieve symptoms for many people with Crohn's: take whole food capsules or gummies. I have been taking those for 2 months, and have taken NO medication for Crohn's at the point of taking this for 3 weeks!!

I have not had normal BM for 25 years, even when I took full dose of Pentasa, until I have been taking those!! I want everybody to know, that has Crohn's, as I know how difficult it is to live with that.

It is not expensive, which is almost the same cost I paid for the Pentasa with prescription insurance (if no insurance it is about $1500 per month). I wish you all great health we all deserve!

God Bless you!

Comments from Inna:

Hello DebMom,

I thank you for this submission. I have to be very choosy nowadays when I post people’s submissions.

I get so many cheesy commercials with one for all cure that it makes me very upset. People pretend to have Crohns and claim that they have these crazy miracle cures with links that lead straight to plain multivitamins, laxatives, or better yet some commercial cleaning products. I learned to be very skeptical with all my submissions.

I tend to believe you and I am very happy for you! It’s truly great to finally get better! I’ve been there. The only comment I would make to my beautiful and trusting readers is that it’s pretty rare to get better or cured from one single supplement if you have a progressed Crohn’s disease no matter if it’s traditional or alternative approach.

I like to learn new things all the time and if you have solid good research on the product you mention just send it over to me. I need to learn more about it to be able to form my science based opinion.

I wish you great health!

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