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Home Treatment Of Hemorrhoids. Looking For Hemorrhoid Cures? Great Tips For Hemorrhoid Treatments.

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids (hemmoroids or piles). Many people ignore to seek professional help because they are too embarrassed.

Healthy behind starts with healthy gut. Healthy gut starts with healthy digestive and immune health. The root of the hemorrhoid problems may be some kind of underlying condition like thyroid disease or digestive disease.

The causes of hemorrhoids may be numerous like sedentary life style, heavy weight lifting, pregnancy, unhealthy eating habits, diarrhea or constipation, lack of fiber in the diet and many more. Whatever the causes may be you really want to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. The longer you wait the worse it gets.

Before you start any home treatment of hemorrhoids, you need to know that this is just a temporary solution to the bigger problem. If your hemorrhoid problem is severe it may require immediate medical attention or even hemorrhoid surgery.

If you are looking for hemorrhoid cures, you need to know that healing your immune system and digestive system first will get you great results.

Home Treatment Of Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoid Treatments

Diet as an inexpensive home treatment for hemorrhoids:

You need to fill your diet plan with Magnesium rich foods like

  • green leafy vegetables
  • nuts
  • lettuce
  • parsley
  • peanuts
  • pumpkin
  • plums
  • oatmeal
  • bran
  • potato
  • tomato

You need to fill your diet with vitamin K rich foods like

  • liver
  • walnuts
  • cabbage
  • spinach

Also add vitamin C rich foods are necessary Eat more raw veggies and fruits, berries, cabbage, green onions, sweet red peppers, lemons and oranges.

Please, make sure you eat enough of foods containing vitamin P like buckwheat, grapes, green tea and red peppers.

Home treatment of hemorrhoids:

Many patients saw immediate results with this home remedy for hemorrhoids: Take a raw potato and cut out a suppository-like piece (about 1 inch long) with a peeler. Try using it rectally at bedtime. Many patients feel hemorrhoid relief after 1 to 2 treatments.

Hemorrhoid Relief: Grind some raw pumpkin seeds in the coffee grinder until it becomes uniform and creamy consistency. Try to find great quality 100% cocoa butter and mix with milled pumpkin seeds. You can add some raw honey to this mixture. Apply small amount rectally and massage the area.

Hemorrhoids Treatment:

Drink a mixture of freshly squeezed carrot juice and spinach with proportion of 10 of carrot juice to 6 of spinach juice. This is very healing for hemorrhoids.

Another juice you can try for hemorrhoid relief: Carrot juice with celery and parsley with proportion of 7:4:3. It’s very healing for digestive system and for hemorrhoids.

You can try to eat a few prunes which were soaked overnight as a home treatment of hemorrhoids. This can help with constipation and therefore will be a hemorrhoid relief.

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Drinking kefir or taking probiotics may help healing hemorrhoids. Some patients reported doing very well when drinking 2 oz of raw potato juice with 2 oz of raw carrot juice on empty stomach every morning in place of breakfast for a week.

You can cosider trying this natural remedy:

This one is pretty tough to do for some patients: Take a clove of garlic and swallow it without chewing at bedtime and on empty stomach in the morning. This will work as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory treatment going through the whole digestive tract. This works for many patients with mild to moderate hemorrhoids.

Coconut oil acts as anti-inflammatory agent. It's recommended to use pure coconut oil for mild and moderate hemorrhoid cases.

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Acupuncture works very well for mild to moderate cases of hemorrhoids. Consider this treatment option if home treatment of hemorrhoids fails.

I wish you to stay very healthy and symptom free.

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