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Hi. I was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 2 months ago. I am currently taking Isoniazid for latent TB and can't start Remicade for two months. I am actually very nervous and leery about the Remicade. Not only for fear of it's side effects, but also for fear that I have a SEVERE phobia of needles. They are suggesting the Remicade because I have an enterocutaneous fistual from a previous ileostomy site (the ileostomy was reversed in April 2014). I also have no terminal ileum so I require a monthly B12 shot. (I was told an injection was the ONLY way I could absorb the B12 I needed). I am 51 years old. I have NEVER been sick until this all started with a bowel perforation in December of 2013. It has gone down hill since then. As a matter of fact, it had been at LEAST 15 years since I have stepped into a doctor's office for anything. My theory always was...."if it isn't broke, don't fix it."!!!!! And yes that theory worked great until now. So as you can imagine, I am not dealing too well this "upset" in my life. I am pondering "throwing in the towel" and not treating my Crohn's with medication and just altering my diet, but everyone is telling me I NEED to take Remicade. No one will tell me what happens if I don't. So that is my question....what will happen to me if I don't do the Remicade and what will happen to me if I stop my B12 injections?

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May 12, 2015
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by: Inna

Hello and thank you for submitting your story. It is very frustrating to come across those who can't get you. It is also very important to believe that you will get well. You need to be looking for best options for you, not someone else. Every case is unique so I wouldn't generally recommend you one option over another but I would strongly recommend to get support. I had great results with hypnotherapy and can recommend it highly.
We are all here for you.

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