Helminths For Crohn's?

by TC


I have had CD for 30+ years and have suffered numerable setbacks in every part of my life due to CD.

I have been through standard medical treatments some of which had no effect and others which had some effects but none were able to put the CD in remission.

I tried alternative therapies too, but none were able to maintain good health. I was slowly losing my life to CD, but I was persisted in my search of a new treat.

I happened upon an article on helminth therapy on the web and read all I could about theory behind it. It made sense, and I began my search to obtain some of these little intestinal creatures.

They were expensive and a risk that might not be rewarded but I had little to lose. I ordered 10 units x 500 porcine whipworms from Ovamed and took 500 every 2 weeks and prayed for a sign.

I was in university and doing well academically but not physically. 1 month past then at 6 weeks i noticed my bowel movements decreasing and stools firming. I was on 60 mg of prednisone at the time and began decreasing the dosage.

I began this treatment in early October of 2006 and December I was almost off prednisone and continuing to feel better by the month. 2007 New Year Celebration was the best as I was of prednisone and feeling great! It seem to good to be true but it was happening.

The doctor I was seeing did not endorse the therapy but my GI doc said the science made sense and it was worth a shot, which gave me assurance that my own research and taking charge of my CD empowered me to take this risk.

I have continued with the helminth therapy for over 5 years and am living a life rich and full thanks to these seemingly unfriendly creatures.

At the time I began my journey with helminthes I had nothing left to lose. My life was one of constant suffering and I was isolated from all the made me feel a part of society and life.
I encourage all those who have the means to do your own research and inform yourself about the "hygiene hypothisis."

I am not saying it will work for everyone with CD but it will work for many. The ongoing research clearly proves helminth therapy works to stop CD in its tracks.

I was and am willing to take risks as with all medical and experimental treatments have. So far I have had no side effects from the therapy after 5 years of continued therapy.

Helminths and humans have had a symbiotic relationship, which has evolved over thousands of years. We have become dependent on each other just as human are part of the web of life and nature. Please consider this therapy. Ovamed and Autoimmune Therapies both are a reliable source for helminths, which I use. It makes sense; please read the research. It is easily found on the internet. :) Love and Light to you all.

Hello Inna,

You are welcome to post my story. Helminths have saved my life. I was in bad condition with another surgery in the future if the helminths had not done
their job.

There is a lot of published research on helminth therapy available on the internet.

Although, not as many success stories about using helminth therapy, for those lucky enough to find out about it.

The more people that demand this therapy the sooner it will be available. It
cost much less than remicade and has less side effects than all CD medical
therapies. If you've been on prednisone at higher doses for a prolonged time
it does terrible damage to joints, skin, blood circulation, weight gain,
sleeplessness, mood swings, the side effects go on and on and then lead to
other serious disorders, that are as bad as CD. I've have been their and
done that. I had considered ending my life several times as life was mostly
suffering for years on end.

I think when you have nothing left to lose and have some cash and have
informed yourself about how helminths work with the human autoimmune
systems, then you can decide if it is worth a try.

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Mar 01, 2011
Reply To Helminths For Crohn's Disease.
by: Inna

Thank you TC for sharing your story. I post all of the stories and give a chance for everyone to share.

I am not advertising this kind of treatment in any way. The reason is because I am totally unaware of any benefits. I will read up more and will form my opinion after a long research. I always resarch well before recommending anything to my readers.

But honestly I would be scared to try it. Maybe that is because I healed my Crohn's disease with Functional medicine method and I am not suffering. I strongly believe in Functional medicine healing method and it's very cost effective.

I helped many, many Crohn's patients to get better. I know that I can help many more and now I have a spring consultation SPECIAL. You can take advantage of it, just read Functional Medicine page, click HERE.

Best, Inna

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