Healthy Cookware?

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Inna , so I took your advise and ordered the following today: complete probitotic,B-12 energy booster,digestive enzymes and vitamin d spray-

Question , will vitamin d spray be enough for my calcium daily supplements and didnt find the protein shake?

Another question - do you own ceramic cookware? I would assume yes and are you happy with it?

I actually was looking into getting it for a while now , since I worked with nutritionist but wasn't sure.

They say that the ceramic cookware isn't your ordinary non stick cookware. Aside from being stylish and durable, these cookwares are believed to be healthy. Mercola claims that their cookware is safe for preparing meals.

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Dec 29, 2009
Reply To Calcium Intake And Healthy Cookware
by: Inna

You would need at least 1500mg of Calcium daily (this could be combination of Calcium supplements and/or Calcium rich diet). Vitamin D will help Calcium to get inside your system and stay in your system but you do need Calcium intake.

Yes, I own Mercola Cookware and it's wonderful. It's different from the conventional cookware and it will take a little practice to get used to. Takes some experience to perfect your meals. It's absolutely worth it. Most of the nutrients are locked in inside your cooked food. Great for stews, soups, great as a bakeware too.

All the best to you, Inna

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