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Nov 13, 2010
Reply To Hair Loss And Crohn's Disease
by: Inna

Hello and thank you for your question.

Unfortunately it is so common for Crohn's patients to have hair loss. This could be due to stress, malabsorption of nutrients and vitamins.

It could also be due to the medication use.

It is actually very possible to have hair loss due to a certain gut infection (certain bacteria). I could send you a test kit to check if you are interested.

You could contact me for a wellness consultation on the Contact Us page. I would need to send you a few at home lab tests to try getting to the root of your problem. We would need to adjust your diet and possibly add some supplements.

For now you have to reduce your sugar intake to about 7-8 grams per meal. I know, it's hard but try your best. Consider investing in a great multivitamin like Metabolic Synergy(you can find it on the page called Beneficial Products). You can also get an additional Vitamin E from the same company called Ultra Gamma/Vitamin E.

Best, Inna

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