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Gluten Free Recipes For You And Me.

When I was just starting to work on these I realized it would be a challenge.

I simply tried to substitute wheat flour to gf flour in regular cooking recipes. But was I right? Who am I to know?

I recognized that I needed real professionals to help me with gf recipes.

So, I asked many of my readers from my other website Journey With Crohn's Disease to send me their successful recipes.

I am good at what I do as a pharmacist, gluten free coach, Functional medicine practitioner and a holistic wellness coach. But, here when it comes to perfecting a recipe I would like to rely on real professional opinions.

This GF Recipes page is for all of us.

Many of the recipes here are from readers that worked on them and came up with these innovative gluten free recipes. 

Some of these gf recipes my readers adopted from cooking books or cooking websites. I’m not taking credit for any GF recipe here. If my readers provided me with the original author information I would gladly credit the recipe to him or her. Otherwise it won’t have the author’s name.

Some of them were created in the kitchen of my most talented sister. I will give her the full credit there. I’ve seen it with my own eyes how they were magically created. Yes, it’s like magic.

Many of you love using easy gluten-free recipes. Let’s face it, our life is so stressful that we can’t handle more complications like difficult to make gluten free recipes. We need least ingredients, more taste and less time. And we want it to be easy, fast and scrumptious.

I know how happy I get making my family a healthy gluten free meal that puts a smile on their faces.

I personally LOVE easy to make gluten free recipes. My life is great and hectic at times so I need to feed my family healthy, fast meals THAT THEY WOULD LOVE.

Ok, here comes the best part, you can participate here and contribute your own gluten free recipe. Or you can boo someone else’s. That’s what makes this Gluten Free Recipe Forum so great. But please be nice about it…. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like it either.

I personally will try all of them and will provide my opinion. But again it doesn’t mean that everyone else will love them. We all have different taste.

I would like ALL your comments though. It’s only fair. It’s important for all of us.

Gluten free recipes are not regular cooking recipes with wheat flour substituted for gluten free flour. If you are true gourmet person you will understand that changing one ingredient will make it taste completely different dish.

I want this gluten-free recipe forum to be stand out from others. If you are looking for a great gluten free biscuit recipe you should be able to find it here.

If you had trouble finding great gluten free dessert recipes, click HERE to find great Gluten Free Dessert Recipes.

Or if you need that perfect gluten free cake recipe, you will find it here.

This can be your gluten-free recipes source

GF recipes should be healthy, not just gluten free.

When I study gluten free recipes I always to find out this information: amount of actual sugar content, saturated fat content, calorie count, protein content, fiber content, sodium content and total carbohydrate content.

Today, many people are having chronic immune system problems or chronic digestive health problems.

Those that have high blood pressure should stay away from high sodium content foods.

Those that have pre-diabetes or diabetes should watch total carbohydrate count and sugar load.

Those that have gastrointestinal problems need to also watch their sugar intake. They may have many intestinal issues that worsen from food loaded with high sugar. Even high amount of fresh, organic fruits that suppose to be good for you can make a chronic patient feel worse.

Learning how to eat right on the gluten free diet is an art in itself. It’s getting so much easier now to just go and buy many gluten free products. They are now available in more places than ever. But the key is to be gluten free and healthy gluten free. 

I know some patients that were doing better for couple of years on strict gluten free diet. They improved greatly. And now that they have so many gluten free products available they buy all these gluten free cookies and gluten free cakes without realizing how much sugar in total they consume per serving.

After a while their health would deteriorate slightly and they would for a first consultation with me. They are all confused about what happened.

What I tell all my clients is to try having up to 8 grams of sugar per meal ideally. That should be the goal. That is hard to accomplish. You can play with the numbers have more sugar in one meal but try to take less for your next meal.

Remember to love and respect your body. What you put inside that’s what you will take out in terms of energy and health.

If you really want to improve your health you may want to try going without any sugar for two months. The only sources of sweets would be very small amount of raw honey and some blueberries and raspberries. Once you stay sugar free for eight weeks you taste buds would be tasting food differently. You will appreciate the food in the different way. You would not even like the sweets after a while. They will taste too sweet.

So let’s get to the gf recipes. Some of my gluten free reciepes will have nutritional facts. And some won’t. That’s simply because I really could not find out those facts. 

For Great Gluten Free Cookie Recipes, click HERE.

For Great Gluten Free Chicken Recipe, click HERE.

For Great Gluten Free Salad Recipe, click HERE.

For Great Gluten Free Bread Recipe, click Here.

For Great Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies Recipe, click Here. 

Please, remember, this page will be updated very often and come back here soon.

If you have a dietary concern, special diet request, certain food intolerance question or just have something to share, please log it in HERE. You won’t even need to leave your name. 

I wish you great, new, healthy gluten free recipes and many great, happy memories to share with them!!! 

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